Stamping Washi Tape

Japanese masking tape == YUM.

I discovered Japanese masking tape a while back and have obsessed with it ever since!  So when we went to Japan I was on the lookout for more + I hit the jackpot… This tape is so cool — there are solids, patterns and different widths.  It has a pretty texture to it, and love …

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The first official day of fall may be tomorrow, but we got to start enjoying it early while on hiking in Japan at Daisetsuzan National Park.  It was so pretty and peaceful that I had to share.  Some days it was sunny And some days it was rainy But it was all good. Happy Fall!

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Etc Nature

Nikko + beyond!

Yesterday we left Tokyo around 7:00 am to head to Nikko — wow, what a great day! Nikko has several beautiful shrines, including the famous one with the “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” monkeys.  I’ll share some pictures of that later — I took a gazillion! Nikko is surrounded by mountains …

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