The first official day of fall may be tomorrow, but we got to start enjoying it early while on hiking in Japan at Daisetsuzan National Park.  It was so pretty and peaceful that I had to share.  Some days it was sunny



And some days it was rainy




But it was all good.




Happy Fall!

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8 thoughts on “Fall!”

  1. So beautiful.  I was in Japan in the Spring with the cherry blossoms some years back.  I think every season there is special.  Thanks for sharing.  BTW  How do you like your new instant camera?  I am also looking at the pogo camera by poloroid.  Have you heard anything comparing the two?  Thanks and welcome back.

    1. Hi Beverly — I LOVE my Fuji instant camera — I’ll have to post some pictures with it soon! It’s so fun!

      I haven’t heard anything about the Pogo yet.

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