Rainy fall day!



We’ve been getting buckets of rain here in Austin today – and I’ve really been enjoying it.  With temps in the 60’s, and the lovely sound on the roof it’s like an event! We’ve been in an extreme drought for months and the temps have been in the 100’s, so it really is a celebration.

When I went to the kitchen this afternoon to make a pot of tea I saw these two pictures begging to be taken + I had to share.

Wishing you a happy fall day full of round orange things,

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  1. I can see why you’re enjoying.

    And I”m just now getting around to posting a thanks for sharing all of your Japan photos.   I’ve never been there so it was cool to see it through your eyes.

  2. Perfect pics! Those would be great to use in a photocard!


  3. krolski (kathy) says:

    Great pics Lisa!  I still haven’t bought my pumpkins yet. You’ve inspired me to go out and get them this weekend!  :)
    Enjoy your rainy day!

  4. I’m soooooooooooooo ready for rain!!!  Your Photo’s are Awesome…so glad your back!!

  5. wish it would be raining here in sunny California.  These last 2 months have been sooooo HOT!  And with all these forest fires that weve been having, it sure isn’t helping at all!

    Glad your enjoying it!!

    So? when are we going to see more card creations? I’m always clicking and hoping to see more of Lisa’s crafty cards!!!!


  6. Adorable pics! Jo x

  7. Beautiful photos, Lisa! :)

  8. Dropping by to see what you’ve been up to….hope you get in some fun stamping time soon…miss seeing your work. ;)

  9. cool!!

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