Mmmmm, donuts!


Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I sure did — I spent Saturday in San Francisco with my friend Mon. We had so much fun! We met at her house, and I just had to take a picture of these super cool boots in the entry:


Then we were off!  The day started and ended with — are you ready for it?donuts. YUM.  I hadn’t had a donut in years + years, but that would all change with our brunch at Universal.


They have a different donut everyday — Saturday was cinnamon + caramel with a vanilla cream topping — sorry for the out of focus picture, but you can still see their luscious goodness…




Mmmmm, so good.


Then we went to Japantown and had even more fun — aren’t these flowers just unreal?  I’ll have to save the rest of the  photos from there for another post, because I have to share the candied orange blossom donuts we had from Dynamo.






Isn’t their logo just too neat?  (Yeah, that’s me on the left taking the photo, hee hee.)

We got some of the last ones — I took mine on the plane with me to savor.  A little worse for wear, but still just as tasty.   Mmmmmmm….



I think the people sitting across the aisle thought I was a little donut-ty for taking these pics, ha ha!

Oh and!  I added a new poll over there in the sidebar — vote for your favorite donut.

Hope you have a donut-y good day,

8 Replies to “Mmmmm, donuts!”

  1. Lisa!
    The photos turned out great. I especially love the half eaten one at Universal. I have donuts on the mind now!


  2. Hi Lisa, your day looked beautiful and clear in SF. I’m only 1 hour South of there. I’ve never heard of these cafes. I’ll have to add them to my future list of places to check out. Thanks!

  3. YUM…I need to get hubby to take me there next time we go to the City!!!!  I LOVE SF…He hates it but being only an hour away….we get to go a few times a year!!
    Glad you had a good time……

  4. How fun you got to be in SF!   I was there about 10 yrs. ago and only for 2 days….not enough time to see everything, love it up there! All your donuts look too yummy with all that glaze dripping over on the side!

  5. ummmmmmmmmmmm donuts! I LOVE em!! Geesh, those look so good in the pics!

    I love SF!  I love love the weather there!!! Simply love that city!!!

  6. Lisa, I’m really glad I don’t live near Universal Cafe – my butt would be twice as big as it right now! Those donuts look like they’re to die for.

    Thank you, as always for posting so many wonderful pictures of your travels. I may not ever get to visit any of those places, but it’s great seeing them through your lens!

  7. What I would do for a donut right NOW!!! drool!

  8. Lisa.. seeing your donuts make me drooling.. luckily i already finish my breakfast, if not i will go out and buy some donuts too :D
    Thanks for sharing the yummy-licious donuts and your pics with us.. so glad that you have fun in SF.. :)

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