A glorious day.

Yesterday, J co-led a field trip at Birdwell-Clark Ranch for the NPSOT Symposium. I helped out too, but it sure was nice not to be the official leader. Gave me time to botanize and play around with my camera.


It was a beautiful fall day — coolish, with a slight wind — and a picture perfect sky overhead and the prairie at it’s prime.


I tried mixing things up a bit — taking some pictures standing up, like usual…


And some from different angles, like this shot of sideoats — the grass that’s in my blog name


I really wanted to try and capture the light sparkling on the glorious grasses.


Things almost had a 70’s feeling about them.


So pretty + peaceful.  And nope, these were not color changed in any way.

Wishing you a beautiful fall day filled with light,

7 Replies to “A glorious day.”

  1. Beautiful Photo’s Lisa….Love them!!

  2. Lisa – what an amazing day. Your photos are just awesome.  Maybe one day I will get to visit your area as it looks very interesting.

  3. Great pics my friend! Very very cool!

    Oh? Congrats on completing your 2010 HeroArts Catalog! Wow! What a huge task that is!!  Looking forward to see what you been crafting in your craft room! :)

  4. Fabulous photos Lisa – I’ve a romantic image of a prairie in my head from reading Little House on the Prairie many years ago and these images match up.  I’m a new visitor and love your blog – will be back for more.

  5. ADORE your photos Lisa!  I have been in Dallas and San Antonio in the last few months.  BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Love the lavender flowers, what is that?  So pretty!

  7. gorgeous photos!!

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