A scary sight…!

Well, hello there blog readers! I feel like I’m back in the land of the sane — or at least the nearly sane, ha ha ha. Had a mega ulta super crazy busy last couple of weeks.  Just last  week at this time I was in San Francisco helping out with the Hero Arts 2010 catalog photo shoot.  Before I left I was frantically stamping cards, and I made a mess of truly epic proportions. So messy, in fact, that I hung up this sign to warn J before he stepped in to our shared office:


Ha ha ha!

I had taken over his desk, the floor, both of my desks, and even the chairs…

Everyone keeps telling me to take a photo of my desk, but there’s too many top secret things lurking on there to share — can’t wait until you can see!  So instead I took a picture of my little herd + their sweet owl friend


You can see just a small piece of The Big Mess behind them, ha…

Once I get thigns cleaned up I’ll be back with some projects to share — I have a bunch of ideas running around in my brain, can’t wait to try ’em out!

12 Replies to “A scary sight…!”

  1. haha! i love these photos. my room is a mess right now too! great photos as usual lisa!

  2. So glad its not just me – I ought to make a sign too, but it’s my LIVING room that I overtake… my poor husband :)

  3. Lisa, I love your sign! I might just have to print it out and put it on my room! I can’t wait to see the new catalog!

  4. LOL….those deer and your owl are super cute!!

  5. LOL!! Love your sign, Lisa!! I can’t wait to see the new catalog and your work!! Your owl and deers are way too adorable, my daughters will flip over when they see them!! :)

  6. I LOVE your row of jars on the shelf against the wall!  Wow, you must have every color of flower, ink, ribbon, etc.  The deers are so cute!

  7. Why is it we crafters like to be so organised BUT create such a mess when we’re working!!  Glad its not just me…..

  8. Love the herd of deer with their friend and the sign is way too funny!  I will keep that in mind when my room gets there… which is often!

  9. How CUTE are those Deer???? I think we all make HUGE Messes…my room was clean last week…and now it is getting to be a Mess again already!!!!

  10. Hey Lisa!
    Yeah! It’s been a while! I know your busy and making, creative fun things that are top secret!
    But I do have to say!………Miss You!
    Can’t wait to see you on the blogo with your fun creative stuff that makes me say……….Ohhhhh! How stinkin cute!!!! I luv it!

    Have a good one Lisa!

  11. Oh  you tease!!!!! I can’t wait to see!!!!!

  12. Lisa-love your sign! I might have to borrow that :) I always keep quite when I see my husband walking around with a punched off corner stuck to his sock or something….too funny!

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