A scary sight…!

Well, hello there blog readers! I feel like I’m back in the land of the sane — or at least the nearly sane, ha ha ha. Had a mega ulta super crazy busy last couple of weeks.  Just last  week at this time I was in San Francisco helping out with the Hero Arts 2010 catalog photo shoot.  Before I left I was frantically stamping cards, and I made a mess of truly epic proportions. So messy, in fact, that I hung up this sign to warn J before he stepped in to our shared office:


Ha ha ha!

I had taken over his desk, the floor, both of my desks, and even the chairs…

Everyone keeps telling me to take a photo of my desk, but there’s too many top secret things lurking on there to share — can’t wait until you can see!  So instead I took a picture of my little herd + their sweet owl friend


You can see just a small piece of The Big Mess behind them, ha…

Once I get thigns cleaned up I’ll be back with some projects to share — I have a bunch of ideas running around in my brain, can’t wait to try ’em out!

12 thoughts on “A scary sight…!”

  1. LOL!! Love your sign, Lisa!! I can’t wait to see the new catalog and your work!! Your owl and deers are way too adorable, my daughters will flip over when they see them!! :)

  2. Love the herd of deer with their friend and the sign is way too funny!  I will keep that in mind when my room gets there… which is often!

  3. Hey Lisa!
    Yeah! It’s been a while! I know your busy and making, creative fun things that are top secret!
    But I do have to say!………Miss You!
    Can’t wait to see you on the blogo with your fun creative stuff that makes me say……….Ohhhhh! How stinkin cute!!!! I luv it!

    Have a good one Lisa!

  4. Lisa-love your sign! I might have to borrow that :) I always keep quite when I see my husband walking around with a punched off corner stuck to his sock or something….too funny!

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