Where I’ve “bean”.


Hi there!  Did you miss me?   I’ve was off traveling again — this time to San Francisco for a strategy meeting for work — check out what we did for our team building exercise, it was the best one that I ever did.

I flew in a day early so that I could hang out with my friend Mon and play!  We had so much fun eating — and eating again — and again — and talking and laughing!


Here we are outside of Dynamo Donut in San Francsico — it’s gotta be one of the best donut places in the whole world!  I just had to bring along my choco Fuji Instax camera to mark the occasion.

That’s Mon on the left holding a Chocolate Rose donut — I’m holding a Chocolate Anise donut.  Not shown is a Chocolate Spice donut — can you tell we like chocolate?  Ha ha ha.

We gave other flavors some love too — check out this yummy apricot + cardamom donut


And then there was this little pistachio number — with crystals of salt, mmmm


And no, we didn’t eat these all on the same day…!  We had to have coffee with our donuts, and Mon took me to Bluebottle — they have some seriously good coffee.  It was so smooth it was almost like chocolate!  Double yum.

Just so you know — we ate other things besides donuts — super tasty Vietnamese food and Indian — triple yum!

We had to do some shopping to work off those donuts — we went to a bunch of cute shops on Valencia street, to Union Square,  and to a fun fabric shop called Peapod with LOTS of super cute Japanese fabrics.  Can’t wait to make some owls with the linens and cottons


And I also snapped up this handmade rose brooch at another shop


I think it’s made out of old sweaters, can’t wait to try and make one myself.

And!  We stayed up late one night making — are you ready for it?  Felt edamame!  You see, there’s this Japanese family of characters called Mameshiba — they are highly evolved legumes that talk!  They always say something strange like “Did you know…a hippo’s sweat is pink?” and then the person who *was* going to eat them changes their mind.  Here’s a video to see what I mean:

And, here are our beans!


We were giggling + giggling while we made them!  Here’s mine in a shot ala the video


Too funny.  So glad I got to hang out with you Mon — and so glad we’re friends!  Can’t wait until our next adventure.

So, now you know where I’ve “bean”!

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  1. You are so fun! Thanks for sharing this – I have always wanted to visit San Francisco!


  2. Toooo cute!  Just love hearing about all of your adventures and seeing your pics, the brooch, I love, wouldn’t mind having one of those in every color and the bean is so darling!  I bet you’ll be making a ton more of those, and I officially dub you the DONUT QUEEN! ;)

  3. Very cute beans, those videos are too funny!

  4. fun, fun, fun!!!!  Thanks for sharing your pics!  I love your edamame:)  Toooo cute…I have edamame almost everyday for lunch @ work…

  5. Looks like a Fun time Lisa…I Love San Francisco and go EVERY chance I get!!! Will have to check out your donut place next time I go…..Your little felt bean is so Cute and those Owls….Well you know how I LOVE Owls…..are to die for!!!

  6. Glad you and Mon had lots of fun!!!

  7. Hi Lisa

    Looks like you had a fab time. Loving the look of the donuts :)

    I have a question, on the 9th of Nov (glitter) on the HA blog you showed a gorgeous card with the new cling stamp and some glitter American Crafts ribbon. I’d love to be able to make some of those cards as part of my Christmas cards  and am having a hard time, well impossible time trying to track down that ribbon. Please could you tell me which collection it came from or what it’s called. I’m in the UK and can only seem to find the plain AM ribbon and am desperate to start my cards. TIA

  8. Hi Chantille — I checked the ribbon roll and it it doesn’t have any info about a line name or anything — just has “American Crafts”.  I remember that I got it at Michael’s, but that probably won’t help you, sorry!

  9. oh! those little edamame are sooo cute Lisa!! so glad you had a wonderful time in San Francisco!! thanks for sharing your yummy and fun trip!!

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