Hello there!  Hope you are having a happy, happy Thanksgiving weekend.  We sure are!   J and I had a cozy day together yesterday — we had so much fun crafting and cooking and laughing and being thankful.

We started the day making these felted wool ball acorns that I’d seen around blog-land last year — I had been itching to try and make them.  So simple and fun, just an acorn cap, a felted wool ball and a glue dot.  We made a bunch and scattered them on the table.

Then I started the butternut squash soup — using the recipe from the Hero team building day — yum, yum yum


While the soup was simmering merrily away we ate our first course — pomegranate and persimmon salad with toasted pumpkin seeds — another recipe from the team building day


Then we ate the soup — it was sooooo good.  I used a chilie pequin from our garden in the red bell pepper garnish, and it had just the right amount of kick — oooo yeah!


Then it was time for the main course — roasted winter veggies — including carrots, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, garlic, thyme and J’s favorite: lots and lots of beets.  Here they are before I popped ’em in the oven


We were so busy eating that I forgot to take a photo of the rest of our meal — Quorn roast (we are both vegetarians — have been for 9 years now), noodles, and pumpkin rolls.  Mmmmm.


Later on for desert we had spiced cider, maple pecans, and the cutest little apples I’ve ever seen.

So thankful for you J!  I love our life and the home we’ve made together.  I’m thankful for all of my family + friends — we’re having a second Thanksgiving on Sunday with some Austin botanical friends — can’t wait.  I’m thankful for my health and my job, too.  And I’m very thankful all of you, blog readers!  Love getting to know you, it makes the whole world feel warm and cozy.  My heart is full.

Wishing you a happy weekend,

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  1. Hi Lisa, everything looks so yummy! I’ve got to remember the pomegranate persimmon salad. I love salads like that.
    Next time we’re in SF, we’ll have to try out the famous donuts.

  2. Oh I’m starvin like marvin right now! It all looks soooo yummy and such a happy, loving atmosphere!!

  3. It all looks so full of color wonderfully tasty Lisa!!  Hope you enjoy your week-end.

  4. great photos.  you are a great photographer!

  5. Please invite me to your next Thanksgiving Lisa!!!  It all looks gorgeous!

  6. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Lisa. Sounds like you had the most fantastic day. Reading your blog always lifts my spirit – so full of life and positive energy. I am thankful for bloggers like you (eventhough I am not the most frequent one to comment – sorry).  Have a great weekend.

  7. What an awesome day you and Jason had, thank you for sharing.

  8. So yummy! So fancy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. LOVE the awesome photos and the beautiful colors on your Thanksgiving feast! Thanks for sharing. I can almost taste the goodness ….yum!

  10. Lisa, everything looks so yummy……

  11. Oh Lisa, the photographs are spectacular and you used Brussel Sprouts in your oven veggies, never occurred to me to try sprouts, will that give a try !

  12. So Yummy and Healthy too Lisa…..I’m afraid i can’t do without my turkey though!LOL! Love the little acorns…you are so very creative!

  13. Thankful to have you as a friend! Looks like you had a fantastic feast and the acorns are sooo cute!

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