Instant Crochetification: Owlets (part 2)

Hello there, December! Can’t believe you’re here already. It really does feel like it — cold, windy and overcast. But, my day is being brightened by Olly the Owlet. She’s perched here on the kitchen window watching me work


Here’s a closeup so you can see her a little better


Hee hee!  Once I figured out the pattern it was really easy — I’m going to have to make a snowy white owlet next for a Christmas display.  And, another owlet to keep Olly company.

So excited to be able to crochet in the round — now I’ll be able to try making the all the super cute amigurumi I saw in Japan!  Maybe I’ll try to tackle a deer next — like this or this…or maybe a squirrel?  Yeah, that’s it — a squirrel!  And an acorn. Or…!

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  1. Love your sweet little owlet!! Soooo adorable!  Well done!  :-)

  2. Adorable!! Love your super cute little owlet! Perfectly done!

  3. Oh-so-cute, Lisa!  Oh, a white one would be darling, too!  Love the textured yarn you used–what kind is it?

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for your comment, made me smile :)

      It is “Vanna Choice” yarn — from Lion Brand — I got it at Michael’s on sale for like $2! It’s really soft, too :) I never knew Vanna White did that sort of thing until that time she was at CHA — were you there then? I think it was the same year that Paris Hilton released her scrapbook line. :)

  4. Lisa…Your Owl is just ADORABLE…WOW!! Love it!! you are so VERY Creative……

  5. This is so adorable Lisa !   :-)

  6. Too cute! My Mom crochets… got to got her to make some cute little animals! :)

  7. so cute~! thanks for sharing “roman sock” with us. what a cool site! i’m going to attempt to make the elephant, but i’m a knitter, so it might take a couple (hundred) attempts..

  8. Oh my goodness… I can feel a new hobby coming on… this is so CUTE!!!!!!

  9. Cute, cute, cute, love it, so glad you were able to finish it up, looks like you had a cozy Thanksgiving too!  Yummy food you had!

  10. I haven’t crocheted in years!!!  But your owl is SO inspiring.  Thanks for the link to the directions.  And I HAVE to ask: did you find instructions for a squirrel?  I did a short GOOGLE search and couldn’t find any.  I LOVE squirrels and would love to try my hand at a squirrel after an owl & an acorn.  Thanks for such lovely inspiration.

  11. WOW, this is soooooo cute, Lisa!! Love the owl! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. This is wonderful Lisa – can’t wait to see her little friends! Jo x

  13. this little owlet is sooooooo cute Lisa!! Thanks for the link to Roman Sock! will have to try a couple of their patterns!! do you mind telling me where did you find those pretty eyes for the owlet? thanks!!

    1. Hi Alice! I looked everywhere, and finally found them at Hobby Lobby. I also found some online, trying googling for dollmaking eyes or animal eyes

  14. Kawaii, Lisa!!  Super kawaii!!

  15. Lisa! Olly turned out great! Will have to try the pattern soon…:)

  16. Oh that is just the cutest little thing.  Almost makes me want to pick up and try crocheting. :)   I can just see a rainbow of these adorable owls.

  17. Oh I soooo have to give this a try…..I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull it off! just ADORABLE! love it!

  18. Your first photo on this post is just breathtaking!  I am such a fan of yours! :)

  19. Hey Lisa could you give me a description of how to make this pretty owlet. It is so nice. That would be very kind of you. Thank you..:-)

    1. Hi eli! I have a link to the pattern in the post — it’s by romansock and the link is here. Hope that helps! :)

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