Happy Weekend!


Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend!  So far we’ve put our garland + lights up above the fireplace, put out the Christmas linens + dishes, and had a yummy brunch.  Then I topped off these preserved lemons — they looked so sunny and sparkly in the morning sunshine that I just had to snap a quick photo


Can’t wait until next week when I plan to use some in a cauliflower + olive dish.

Now I’m off to clean my craft room — I want to make some Christmas cards, felt snowmen, and two bird mini canvases (like in the photo above on the window ledge).

I’m looking for some new Christmas music to listen to — would love to HEAR any suggestions, ha ha!

Merry merry,

5 Replies to “Happy Weekend!”

  1. I have never heard of preserved lemons – very curious!
    For Christmas music I enjoy the soft piano of Jim Brickman.  And I love my “Women & Song” Christmas CD – not sure if that’s just a Canadian recording tho.

  2. The lemon preserve looks yummy Lisa! I would love the recipe!
    :-) Barbara

  3. You take the prettiest photo’s Lisa..I’m missing your tutorials….
    I LOVE the colors and decor at Christmas!  Have a great weekend!!

    1. Hola Lisa!!
      I never thought of preserving lemons like that. Pretty!   We are listening to Boney M’s christmas music right now. I really like the steel drums and carib beat twisted into the traditional songs.  It makes you want to get up and dance!   Which is a good thing with all the sugar kicking around since St. Nick left us quite a bit of candy in our boots this morn…

  4. WOW Lisa!  FANTASTIC photo of your lemon preserve.  You are a great photographer.  New photos on my blog!  Thanks for all you share!

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