Instant Crochetification: Owlets (part 2)

Hello there, December! Can’t believe you’re here already. It really does feel like it — cold, windy and overcast. But, my day is being brightened by Olly the Owlet. She’s perched here on the kitchen window watching me work


Here’s a closeup so you can see her a little better


Hee hee!  Once I figured out the pattern it was really easy — I’m going to have to make a snowy white owlet next for a Christmas display.  And, another owlet to keep Olly company.

So excited to be able to crochet in the round — now I’ll be able to try making the all the super cute amigurumi I saw in Japan!  Maybe I’ll try to tackle a deer next — like this or this…or maybe a squirrel?  Yeah, that’s it — a squirrel!  And an acorn. Or…!

23 thoughts on “Instant Crochetification: Owlets (part 2)”

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for your comment, made me smile :)

      It is “Vanna Choice” yarn — from Lion Brand — I got it at Michael’s on sale for like $2! It’s really soft, too :) I never knew Vanna White did that sort of thing until that time she was at CHA — were you there then? I think it was the same year that Paris Hilton released her scrapbook line. :)

  1. so cute~! thanks for sharing “roman sock” with us. what a cool site! i’m going to attempt to make the elephant, but i’m a knitter, so it might take a couple (hundred) attempts..

  2. I haven’t crocheted in years!!!  But your owl is SO inspiring.  Thanks for the link to the directions.  And I HAVE to ask: did you find instructions for a squirrel?  I did a short GOOGLE search and couldn’t find any.  I LOVE squirrels and would love to try my hand at a squirrel after an owl & an acorn.  Thanks for such lovely inspiration.

  3. this little owlet is sooooooo cute Lisa!! Thanks for the link to Roman Sock! will have to try a couple of their patterns!! do you mind telling me where did you find those pretty eyes for the owlet? thanks!!

    1. Hi Alice! I looked everywhere, and finally found them at Hobby Lobby. I also found some online, trying googling for dollmaking eyes or animal eyes

  4. Oh that is just the cutest little thing.  Almost makes me want to pick up and try crocheting. :)   I can just see a rainbow of these adorable owls.

  5. Hey Lisa could you give me a description of how to make this pretty owlet. It is so nice. That would be very kind of you. Thank you..:-)

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