Stamping cards for CHA!

I just finished stamping cards for CHA — a big craft and hobby trade show outside of LA that’s coming up in January — but I can’t show you anything, sorry. As I finished stamping the cards, I saw the most beautiful sunset and grabbed the camera


I just love where my stamp desk is — right in front of a bay window on the second story of our house, with oak trees in front — I feel like I’m stamping in a little tree house.


And I have one this little felt mushroom to keep me company. So fun!

Diana left me a comment the other day about Project 365, and I’m thinking of doing it — I take photos most everyday, anyhow! If you’ve done Project 365 before I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Hugs, and more to share soon!

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  1. stampersuzz says:

    How fun!  I will be sending my emissary Lisa and her mother because I won’t be there this time. :(  Can’t wait to see pictures from the show! Have fun! (I think you should do the 365 because you take lovely photos and it would be a perfect fit!)

    1. Oh Suzz, I’ll miss you! I’ll look for Lisa tho, I remember her — she’s the reason I got a G10 — that’s what I took the moss pics with from yesterday. I love it!


  2. I like the idea of stamping in a tree house!  Does CHA mean that you are showcasing MORE NEW stamps???? Whoopee!!

  3. I can’t wait to see your cards at CHA! Take pictures if you get time! :-)

    Your treehouse view is spectacular! I love your sunset photo!

  4. Virginia L. says:

    LOVE your photos… and cards, of course! This 365 project sounds like fun thing to do! My 20-year old daughter Stepahnie is into photogrphy and she noticed your pictures are quite breath-taking!

  5. What a wonderful place to stamp – sure beats my dark stamp cave!!  And love that mushroom – that’s TOO FUNNY bc just earlier I was thinking I needed to order this dozen mushrooms but didn’t know what I’d do with them when they arrived!  Sometimes I wonder if we are actually twins separated at birth??  :-D  Oh and btw, I think you are a natural for doing a 365 project, you take such wonderful photos and like you said, you take them ALL THE TIME anyway!!  I love the idea, but I know I could never keep up with it.

  6. Amazing  view! I`d love to have a craft room in a tree house :)

  7. You should definitely do the 365 if you have the time, your photos would be great to see daily!!  Good luck if you decide to give it a go!!

  8. Love the sunset shot!

    I attempted a 365 last year and linked it from the blog.  Even with as many photos as I take, I found it a bit challenging to remember to take a photo some days.  You know, those days where you’re swamped with deadlines and life beating at your door.  It wasn’t that taking a photo was HARD, but sometimes I simply forgot.  Not often, but it happened.  *laugh*  Keeping up with the posting of them was another thing for me as well.  However, I love it.  And I love the idea of it.  And I just recently looked back at all the photos from last year and LOVED that I had it.  So my vote would be for “yes” too.  Give it a shot.  =)

  9. Love your photos, they are always gorgeous! Have fun at the CHA, I wish I can be there to take the HA classes and meet the Hero Artists!! Have a beautiful weekend, Lisa!!

  10. i just commented on your post about masking tape and then realized you are from austin! yay! be my new blog friend! :)

  11. Love your shot,Lisa! Love your little cute mushroom :)
    check out this ,

    1. VERA!!!! Thanks for the link, those are so cute!!! I want to make some! :)

  12. FANTASTIC shots Lisa.  Thanks for checking out my Project 365!

  13. There must be something in the water!  I’ve been thinking about doing this for forever, but in the last few days I bet I’ve seen a dozen references to it… I’m thinking this may be a sign!

  14. Hi Lisa, I’m traveling down to Anaheim for CHA. I hope I get a chance to meet you.

  15. I am going to be at CHA also. I hope I get a chance to meet you! I just started doing 365 with a free iPhone app! Very fun!

  16. You take amazing pictures….can you teach me how to use my camera?   (smiles)
    Sincerely,  Rosie

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