In the meadow we can…

build a snowman…

That’s what Olly and Oliver did, anyhow! They had lots of fun.


It’s actually been cold enough ’round here to build a snowman, but we haven’t had any snow.

What that’s you say? You never met Oliver before? He’s the owlet I made for J for Christmas.


Olly really loves him.

Another visitor wanted to join in the snowman fun, too…


I had to get J to put his finger next to him, hope you can see, hee hee.

I’ve got more owlet fun to share tomorrow, and then hopefully I’ll have a little time to finish up some Valentine’s cards that I made before I’m off to CHA. Are you going?  Let me know if so!

12 Replies to “In the meadow we can…”

  1. Too cute (except the spider! :)

  2. Soo so cute, I love both owls and the little snowman!  Love his little crocheted scarf too! :)

  3. donna mikasa says:

    Love your owl and owlet!  Kawaii!  Have tons of fun at CHA!

  4. such super darling projects!  I’ll be at CHA!  Can’t wait!

  5. So cute!! Even the spider!

  6. Olly and Oliver are so clever!  What a cute snowman they’ve made….. I do hope an owl family comes to live here soon!  I love little spiders and marvel at their fragility.  Have you ever watched a mother spider protecting her nest of spiderlings?  A wonder of nature.

  7. That is the cutest scene. Gave me a chuckle this morning!  Love that they are hanging out with the snowman. 

  8. Cute – yes, even the spider! Jo x

  9. Awwe–I adore the little snowman.  I should make one of these li’l guys for my snowman collection!

  10. BTW, we’ll be walking the show on Sunday–I hope I get to squeeze ya’! ;)

  11. So cute….Did you make the Snowman too??  They are so VERY Sweet Lisa……Have FUN at CHA…I so Wish I were going!!!

  12. Loving the owlets! Keep them coming!

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