In the meadow we can…

build a snowman…

That’s what Olly and Oliver did, anyhow! They had lots of fun.


It’s actually been cold enough ’round here to build a snowman, but we haven’t had any snow.

What that’s you say? You never met Oliver before? He’s the owlet I made for J for Christmas.


Olly really loves him.

Another visitor wanted to join in the snowman fun, too…


I had to get J to put his finger next to him, hope you can see, hee hee.

I’ve got more owlet fun to share tomorrow, and then hopefully I’ll have a little time to finish up some Valentine’s cards that I made before I’m off to CHA. Are you going?  Let me know if so!

12 thoughts on “In the meadow we can…”

  1. Olly and Oliver are so clever!  What a cute snowman they’ve made….. I do hope an owl family comes to live here soon!  I love little spiders and marvel at their fragility.  Have you ever watched a mother spider protecting her nest of spiderlings?  A wonder of nature.

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