Why, look whooooo’s here!

It’s Odessa the Owlet! She took a little garden tour — even tho it was a bit wet and sprinkly. She dashed under some grape leaves so her pretty purple feathers wouldn’t get wet. Now she’s off to live with my friend Libby, who also loves purple too! We’re supposed to have more rain this […]

Want to smile?

Hi everyone!  I’d like you to meet Olympia — a sweet little owlet that I started during the Olympics and just finished this morning.  (Yes, my life has been crazy lately, ha ha!) Olympia is flying off to live with my friend Emily, who makes amazing flower corsage pins out of recycled sweaters.  They are […]

Owlet love.

Orly the Owlet and I would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! Do you have something fun planned? I have a surprise all ready for J, can’t wait! He has something up his sleeve too — he won’t give me a single clue tho, hmm…. What’s that heart that Orly is […]

In the meadow we can…

build a snowman… That’s what Olly and Oliver did, anyhow! They had lots of fun. It’s actually been cold enough ’round here to build a snowman, but we haven’t had any snow. What that’s you say? You never met Oliver before? He’s the owlet I made for J for Christmas. Olly really loves him. Another […]