Why, look whooooo’s here!

It’s Odessa the Owlet! She took a little garden tour — even tho it was a bit wet and sprinkly.


She dashed under some grape leaves so her pretty purple feathers wouldn’t get wet. Now she’s off to live with my friend Libby, who also loves purple too!

We’re supposed to have more rain this weekend, how about you? We’re not going to let it stop us tho! First we’re off to a Native Plant Society of Texas board meeting up near Dallas, and then before we head back home we’re going to swing by Clymer Meadow. All this rain has really made the wildflowers bloom like crazy, yay!

Have a happy weekend,

16 Replies to “Why, look whooooo’s here!”

  1. Love lavender and chocolate together!!  Looks like your weekend is going to be great, enjoy!!

  2. stampersuzz says:

    LOL! She is adorable! Love your owls they are just owldorable!!!

  3. Such fun pics of Odessa!  My fave is her grape-leaf umbrella!

  4. cutie pie cute!

  5. She’s a cutie! Mix of sun and rain here. I love spring too!

  6. Hello Odessa.. you’re so be-owl-tiful, love your pics under the grape leaf and your pose with white flower.. Enjoy your weekend Lisa. hope you’re having fun :)

  7. I just love your little owlet, Odessa is so adorable!!!

  8. Oh my, she’s a fancy lady! Jo x

  9. Odessa is so pretty in purple! LOVE those photos, Lisa! Thanks for making me smile! =) the weather is beautiful here in northern california. we are not suppose to get more rain until monday. … no luck with the peanut vinaigrette here… =( will keep looking for something similar.

  10. donna mikasa says:

    you make the cutest little ami owls!  love the purple & brown combo!

  11. Aw… she is super duper adorable, Lisa! I hope you are having a fun and wonderful weekend!! Hugs!

  12. oh, hopefully you and odessa had a lovley weekend…she is so cute…an amazing little friend…;)…wish you a great hopefully now sunny creative week…cheers and hugs…

  13. You are just too creative – how cute!!  hope you and Odessa had a great weekend :)

  14. THESE are so Cute….and I have to say that PURPLE one just ROCKS!!!  Love these Lisa……

  15. These are sooooooooo cute!  I fall in love again every time you post them.  Do you sell them- I should see if you have an etsy shop!  If not, I am gonna have to figure out how to make these (I vaguely recal instructions but it is possible I am delusional!)

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