“Sew” many patterns!

Hi everyone! How has your week been so far? Mine has been busy busy busy, both at work and at play, whew. But! I wouldn’t trade one minute of it!

On the work front, I got to do the video today on the Hero Arts Blog! Yay! It uses one of my new favorite stamp sets from the just-released Artists Proofs catalog — the Poly CLEAR Simply Handmade set! If you haven’t seen the new release yet you really should check it out — so happy to finally be able to talk about it, it’s been in the works for a while now and it was getting really hard to contain myself!

The first technique in the video shows how to stamp an image in reverse to create a pattern background like so:


And the second shows how how to use white tissue paper to create a vintage looking pattern:


You can watch the video right here, or click on over to the Hero Arts blog for more!

I’ve been working on another project too — can’t say much at the moment, will let you know as soon as I can — I’m super excited! On the play front, we got to visit Clymer Meadow on Saturday — it was just gorgeous!

Tomorrow is Earth Day — do you have any plans? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Wow Lisa! These cards are awesome!

  2. Gorgeous cards, Lisa!! What a fun technique you’re showing in the video! I’m so falling in love with that stamp set :) Thanks for showing!!

  3. OMGosh!  I *NEED* everything in that catty!  WOW…grunge heaven!

  4. Gorgeous cards! Wow!

  5. I love these cards…The second one, reminds me my sewing classes… a long time ago :D
    No plans for tomorrow, just another busy day!

  6. Loved your video today, going to have to give the first technique a try, love that vintage look!

  7. Lisa, what gorgeous stamps, i luv them! I want them, hehe! so girly and fun, perfect for the crafter! Lovely!
    Clouds :D

  8. I really loved your video today.  I really thought you cut that dress form out and pop dotted it. Even now looking at it, it still has so much dimension to it!  I think that is awesome!  I learned a lot in your video today so thank you so much!
    On Earth Day the kids and I usually plant a tree, a shrub or a plant.  It’s going to rain here tomorrow and I have a bad back that is so much worse on rainy days so we are going to  hold off until the weather is better before we plant.  We used to do it on Arbor Day every year.  The kids used to get a plant from school on Arbor Day but we never hear anything about Arbor Day anymore around here. (It’s April 30th if anyone is interested and if you google it a great site will come up first.) So instead of Arbor Day we do it on Earth Day.    Tomorrow though, I think we are going to sit an brainstorm about how we can each make a difference in helping to do better for the earth.  I am really excited to hear what the kids have to say. It should be interesting to say the least.
    Do you have big plans for Earth Day?

  9. awww… it’s so fun how you made the background for the first card! i definitely want to try that! i am anxiously waiting for my stamps to get here… =) thanks for sharing those fun techniques, Lisa!

  10. Oh Lisa I really, really want that set now – hope it comes over to the UK soon!  Love the video – really original cards.

  11. I can’t believe I missed these ones before. So pretty!

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