My first framed art.


earth-day-b copy
(image from NASA — someday I’d love to take my own photo!)

Doesn’t this photo just sing to you?  It makes my heart soar! I never tire of it.

I actually hung a framed postcard of this very image of the earth in my first apartment back in college.  It made me stop and think each morning and put perspective on things.  Yes I was living on ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese, and no I didn’t know how I would pay the rent some months, or have gas money (or if my car would even run, if it had gas in it), or if I would pass the next real analysis exam.  But looking at this photo made me realize that all of those problems were insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

What really matters is family, and friendships, and how we’re all in this together —  on this lovely planet that we call home — and taking care of ourselves, others, and our home the best that we can.

And now there are blogs, and the internet, and facebook, and twitter, and wow — it really is a small world, after all!

So hugs to all of you, and the earth too — Happy Earth Day. Are you doing anything to celebrate?  I’m going to take some photos of our prairie garden — wow, what a spring it’s been!

More later,

10 Replies to “My first framed art.”

  1. Such a beautiful picture and such beautiful words!

  2. Hey Lisa!
    Great post! And BTW congratulations on your new blog header! It’s sooo nice!

  3. Happy Earth Day, Lisa!! No particular plans today to celebrate. Just keeping it in mind to be humble and think ecological. Gorgeous picture!!!!

  4. Fabulous photo!  I’m going to plant my onion sets this afternoon to celebrate the day.

  5. Wonderful post for today, Lisa!  You have the right idea, using this to put things in perspective!  Looking forward to your garden pics!

  6. LOVE the photo!!!!!!!!!

  7. Perfect post for Earth Day! Love how Earth reminds us of so many different things. Today is my daughter’s first birthday!!! So I’m heading to the zoo for a day with the animals. :)

  8. Happy Earth Day Lisa! In my book, it’s Earth Day everyday!

  9. Beautiful post and loved hearing of your stories from your early days, certainly makes us appreciate all we have now with our families!  Hope the sun came out for you to take your photos!

  10. It IS a magnificent place that we live in. thanks for sharing the beautiful post. hope everyone loves our beautiful planet everyday in every way and not just on Earth Day. =)

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