Stress relief.

Hi everyone, how is your week so far?  Mine is crazy busy!  But I just took a break and downloaded photos taken at the Wildflower Center. Ahhhhh, I feel much better. Come along and join me in some stress relief, starting with our famous Texas bluebonnets.  Sure wish you could smell them, there’s nothing like it.


A crossvine aglow in the afternoon sun…


Pretty yellow buttercups — what could be happier?


And last but not least, a columbine  with a background of spiderworts.  This little scene quite took my breath away — reminded me of a living watercolor.


Okay then, inhale…exhale…


20 Replies to “Stress relief.”

  1. Those bluebonnets made me tear up… the happy, happy, warm memories from my childhood in the great state of TX… I miss it. :) TFS!

  2. Some people are restless looking for beauty and inspiration relentlessly without luck, while others see the beauty everywhere they go…
    This is pure beauty, Lisa!

  3. GORGEOUS pics, Lisa!  We went to the Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg about 2 weeks ago but it was too early for the bluebonnets. :(  Seeing your pics makes me think we need to make another trip.  Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely.  The light in the first one is so pretty!

  5. Ahhhhhhh, so nice!  Thanks, Lisa!   I’ve been to that Wildflower Farm, I think!

  6. Awesome pics!  Native plants rock.

  7. Gorgeous images, Lisa! I’ve never smelled a blue bonnet before.

  8. Thanks, I needed that! Your photos are spectacular!

  9. Fabulous pictures!

  10. thank you so much for sharing such beauties, Lisa! you captured the beauty of those plant perfectly! i love them!! and they do relax me! =)

  11. Lisa, you take such great photos!  I love these spring flowers.  You should make cards out of them!

  12. after the morning I had—-I NEED some stress relief….Thanks

  13. Thanks for the reminder to breathe :)  and for the gorgeous pix to stare at.  I’m having a CRAZY busy week too – ugh!!!  (i’ll be emailing ya soon :)!

  14. Yes, you are so right.Stop the time for a moment and live…;)…I had also a little break now with your wonderful flower photography…Thanks for sharing and a good week and not too busy…hugs and cheers…Ines

  15. Beautiful!  Gosh, definitely seeing some color inspirations from your photos! :)  And, yes, definite stress relief!

  16. … just lovely …

  17. Oh what beautiful shots – I love the bluebonnets.  We call them lupins here in the UK – a flower of my childhood family garden.  My Mother loved them – but so do the slugs!

    1. Hi Ann! Ours are lupins too! ;)

  18. AAAH!  GORGEOUS, gorgeous photos!  I just love all the photos you share.  I saw some flowers the other day and thought of you, that you should photograph them.  :)

  19. Awesome photos, Lisa! These flowers are so gorgeous, I wish we have these gorgeous flowers here in San Diego!!

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