Learn something new everyday!

Did you know that sweet potatoes are in the same family as Morning Glories? I had no idea!  So weird to think that when you eat a sweet potato you’re eating a Morning Glory, eh?


And, did you know you can make a super quick and healthy lunch with sweet potatoes and kale in around 10 minutes? I didn’t know about that either until my friend Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists clued me in to this tasty treat from sixoneseven. ETA: We don’t have TJ’s around here — Austin is the HQ of Whole Foods, ha ha — so I use a peanut sauce from Whole Foods — I think any would work.  :)

I’ve made it three times now, it’s that good. J really likes it too — I made a big bowl of it today (that I reluctantly shared, ha!).

AND!  One more thing that I learned — filters can really save your lenses when you forget to latch your camera bag and your J picks said bag up out of the car and the lens drops 4 feet onto concrete. EEKS!  The filter broke into a zillion pieces, but the lens appears to be okay — tested it out on this shot. WHEW.  Do you think I will ever learn to latch the camera bag tho…?

How about you, did you learn anything new today?

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  1. It looks delicious!  I am always looking for new kale recipes!  Thanks so much :)

  2. Oh,…hmmmm…delicious…This looks so great and thanks for your lovley comment. Have a great creative week…Hugs and cheers Ines

  3. yum! have to try making it this week!

  4. Looks yummy Lisa….Ha! the first thing I did when I got my camera was to put a filter on it…or I would be in trouble too!!!

  5. That is so colorful – just like morning glories are!  You are SO lucky with your camera!  Did you get all tingly when that happened? 

    I had breakfast this morning with 8 friends, and I re-learned that the sisterhood of women is such a joy! 

    Jump over to my blog and see the tiny, tiny flowers blooming in my garden right now.  Hugs!

  6. YES!!! I did!!! How to chop cilantro leaves…Whew…how easy it is!!!  And how wonderful…my husband loves both sweet potatos AND Morning Glory and that is my 2nd new thing I learned today…Thanks!!!

  7. this looks so yummy! will definitely try it if we can get the vinaigrette next time we are at TJ’s! =)

    1. Hi Alice! I use a peanut sauce from Whole Foods as we have no TJ’s, darn!

  8. I just learned something new today now – thanks for sharing!!  Who knew??  I seriously can’t get enough of sweet potatoes – so yummy!  I saw this over at meredith’s blog but haven’t had a chance to make it…you make it sound so good though!  guess it’s time to try it ;)

  9. Yikes!  Glad your lens is ok…I hate those little camera accidents too!  Yummy dish you have here!

  10. Sweet potatoes are one of my favourite! Usually I bake them in the oven, yumm :)

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