Magic layers!


Did you know that when you stamp on a new Hero Arts notecard using the new chalk ink, a magic layer is formed?


Well I had no idea that this was happening right under my fingertips, until a few days ago! It only requires sandpaper to reveal it.  Here’s a video I created for the Hero Arts blog to show the technique

AND!  Sandwich two flowers between floral wire, add a vase, and you’ve got a cute flower decoration.  Fun!


(For materials and supplies, check out this post on the Hero blog.)

If you try this technique I’d love to see what you come up with!

Have fun,

8 thoughts on “Magic layers!”

    1. Hi Linda! I’m not a paper scientist, but I think it’s a combo of the notecards having a white core + the chalk ink being dye based…but then again, it could just be magic! :)

  1. OH Lisa….Leave it to Creative YOU to figure this Out!!!!  Wonderful Video…..I don;’t have that stamp yet….but you can bet I’ll be trying this TODAY as I have tons of scraps on my floor from Hero Note cards….which I adore…….

  2. I made my first card with dimension similar to yours over at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn last week.  The topic was matchbox valentines (so totally darling and whimsical).  For my hubby, I added a black felted flower using baker’s twine to attach it to the button closure.  I will post the final but not now as I don’t want my hubby to see his card!
    Thanks for these charming cards.

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