scrapbooks etc. Valentine’s gallery!


Have you made your sweetie a Valentine’s Day card yet?  No?  Well then, check out the gallery over at scrapbooks etc! I’m honored to have five cards in there, and there are 33 heartfelt greetings in total.  Here are just a few that I love:

  • Wood you be Mine by Lisa Storms — I’m a HUGE sucker for woodgrain
  • This clean + modern Valentine by Tracy Kyle is really striking
  • A wonderful ribbon heart by Cathy Blackstone — gonna have to try this one


8 Replies to “scrapbooks etc. Valentine’s gallery!”

  1. I am so far behind on personal projects!!  Yikes!  Gotta get on it ASAP!

  2. Love them all,  Lisa, but my faves are the deer and bird ones!   So cute!

  3. These are wonderful Lisa!  I have made my sweetie a card but I have put it somewhere safe and I can’t find it! LOL! Maybe I should make another one. :-)

  4. Oh, these are absolutely precious, hmmm…gonna have to case some of these, too cute!!

  5. Wow  Lisa – these are stunning.  You make the most wonderful cards.  Perfect.

  6. EEP!!!  These are ADORABLE!!!  …………………THUD!!!

  7. Great cards, Lisa! Congrats!

  8. oh, I love the one in the center of the 3-up photo in this post. Any idea where that is?

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