Owlet love.


Orly the Owlet and I would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! Do you have something fun planned? I have a surprise all ready for J, can’t wait! He has something up his sleeve too — he won’t give me a single clue tho, hmm….

What’s that heart that Orly is holding, you ask? Well it’s part of a new idea that I had — Owlet Accessories! Here are a few I’ve made so far — they all have a bit of Velcro on the back so they can be stuck to an owlet :)


A heart for Valentine’s Day


And a chocolate donut with lots of icing and sprinkles — an owlet’s favorite food


Hee hee.

AND! Orly winged her way to my friend Mon today — hi Mon!  Hope you and Orly have lots of fun!

Wishing everyone a happy weekend full of love and laughter!  Oh and chocolate, of course.

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  1. Lisa! I am in love! Can’t wait to take Orly home and put him next to all the other owls on mantle. I have a feeling he will be the cutest! :)

    1. Oh I bet Orly will love roosting with the rest of your owls! You’ll have to take a picture! :)

  2. Oh. My. Cuteness!  You’re killin’ me with these and the accessories!  Ack!  What Owl doesn’t need a donut!  WAY cute, Lisa!!!

  3. These are so cute Lisa!!! Have a great Valentine’s Day with J.

  4. OH MY LIsa !!!! I am in love with these sweet accessories !!!!!  The donut is my absolute favourite !!!!! Way too cute !!!!
    Since my birthday is also on Sunday, we usually do a mixed celebration. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!
    :-) Barbara

  5. TOO cute, Lisa!
    That little doughnut is just too much!! Love it!!! :-D
    Totally made me smile! Hugs!

  6. What a SWEET idea, Lisa…….I LOVE Orly and all of the DARLING accessories!  HOW CLEVER and what a KEEPSAKE!  Love, Karen xo

  7. oh my gosh, how cute is that! adorable

  8. way too adorable…you are so clever and I just love this sweet idea!

  9. SHUT UP!!!  Accessories.  For the owls.  You are too cute.  They’re cute, too. :)

  10. Just fabulous Lisa! And owl accessories… how wonderful! Jo x

  11. Ack – I love it!!  So sweet, love that donut!

  12. Judy(moonlightgreetings) says:

    I love the owlet accessories, especially the donut.  Your detailed work is amazing!
    Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend.


  14. How very clever! Lovin’ that lil’ doughnut accessory!!!

  15. I love the way your creative juices work Lisa!  What a lucky owlet – now….. what else would he need to be an owlet-about-town?  Brilliant – I love it!

  16. […] stuck on Orly you ask? Why, Owlette Accessories or course! Check it out on Lisa’s blog here. PS: If you’ve noticed the difference in quality of this photo, it’s because I shot it […]

  17. Orly is too cute. Also love the assecoires!

  18. This is just too cute!! Love it!

  19. love those accessories!! too cute!

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