Inspired by office supplies!

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a teacher.  In part because I love teaching, but mostly because of all the office supplies!  There’s just nothing like the smell of a newly sharpened pencil — yes, I still like to use wood pencils — or a fresh eraser.  I still love all things office, and now that I’m all grown up I can go for sophisticated supplies like these from The Container Store


(Find more about them all here. I have the pencil cup, just couldn’t resist!)

I was so inspired that I just had to make a card!  Here it is, what do you think?


(Cardmaking supplies: Brocade stamp, flowers, and pearls by Hero Arts.  “thank you” stamp by A Muse. Ribbon and super cool aqua Zing! embossing powder by American Crafts.  Bird by Crate Paper. I trimmed the card so that I could hang the bird + ribbon off the edge and it will still fit in an envelope — love doing that!)

Have you been inspired by office supplies?  I’d love to hear how!

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  1. Yup, I’m a fellow office supply addict!  I cannot walk into such a store without getting positively *giddy*  GREAT design based on your inspiration piece!

  2. I love anything filigree, Lisa, that must be why I love the 2 Hero stamps so much (Antique Flower and Brocade).    Love your card with the bird!

  3. Whenever I read your blog, I scroll down really slowly to the picture because I always know that it’s going to be something fabulous !!!! I absolutely love the colours and the background on this gorgeous card Lisa!!!!

  4. Lisa, you must be my lost American sister. I also wanted to be a teacher as a youngster just because of all the office supplies. I’ve lost the need to teach at school but have kept my office supply addiction.
    Fortunately, I found out that as a lawyer – if I am friendly enough – I can take charge of the office supply orders and use a different color pen every day :)

    1. Ha ha ha — use a different color pen every day — that is so me! :)

  5. Ooooh … pretty!  And I’m with ya’ on the office supplies!

  6. Egads!  The Container Store gets me every time.  I’ve also seen these pretty displays of custom pencils all in one color (let’s say all green with a name in silver lettering.  I love how those look!

  7. Gorgeous card, Lisa! And love your additions to your blog! The header is subtle, but definitely does the trick for me. I’m craaazy about office supplies. I never wanted to be a teacher, but did want to have an office supply store … still do (or at least live in one – set my bed up in the middle of the store …lol).

  8. LOVE this card! You made the brocade pattern so cool! Makes me want to break it out again! :)

  9. Hey Lisa – that’s the MAIN reason why I’m a teacher :)
    Gotta love all the pencils. And coloured pens… LOVE it. :)

  10. ahhhh…I too love office supplies…love your card for today…absolutely fantabulous!

  11. Love the background stamp and I love those office supplies. maybe one day I will get my desk organized…hmmmm maybe :)

  12. those stationary are fab! i love the  good old yellow wood pencils, too! =) love how you used those pretty bright colors, Lisa! beautiful card!

  13. Totally gorgeous card, Lisa! Love the background stamp and the bird sitting on the ribbon, so perfect!!
    Have a beautiful week!

  14. I have always had a weakness for office supplies!

  15. Love your card and all the colors you used! I can spend hours in an office supply store looking for things that I can use on my scrapbook pages.

  16. No way! I was the SAME way… While most kids on my class were sniffing the glue (teehee!), I was sniffing the erasers and new paper. Lol! I know… I have problems… and I say “have” because I still love the smell of new paper (have you smelled the new Webster’s line yet? lol!). 

    Your card is AMAZING! The color puts an unerasable smile on my face! ;-) Hugs!

    1. “unerasable smile” — that made me smile! Hugs! :)

  17. That is such a super cute card!!  Great inspiration from the pencil holder, it looks exactly like the stamp, incredible!  I love going into stores for inspiration….for color inspiration…I always hit Pottery Barn and PB Kids, yum!

  18. i love this post! always love seeing the inspiration behind a creative pursuit! gorgeous – i want it all!

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