Sugar Bandits!

This weekend I wanted to have fun with my newly acquired Hipstamatic iPhone app, especially after discovering the Robo Glitter Lens in the Shibuya add-on pack! Hee hee, the names just crack me up:


(image: Hipstamatic)

Lunch at Mother’s Cafe seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl


And then!

Out of the blue!

We encountered…

…dum dum duuuuuuuum….!

Sugar Bandits!

Eeeks!  Before I share the scary bandit, first allow me to acquaint you with his prey: The Sugar Packet!


Notice that peck mark?

Well then, I think you are ready to meet a fearsome Bandit!

Are you ready?

Look closely


…lean in…


Do you see him?  Hee hee.  We cracked up watching these grackles dive for sugar packets just outside the window, they were really good at pecking them open!  They weren’t so good at sharing tho.


And then it only seemed appropriate to head over to Dolce Vita and get


Which, unlike The Bandits, we shared. Hee hee.

I love Austin.


And sugar (even The Bandits).


And most of all, J.


Hope you enjoyed my little tale, and I highly recommend playing with the Hipstamatic.  Hee hee.

Have a super happy robo glittery berry pop day!

Domo arigato,

8 Replies to “Sugar Bandits!”

  1. Lisa, Love your little story. I can’t get over how cool the Hipstamatic app is. Now I REALLY need an iphone! :)

  2. Love your photos, great effects and how cute was the sugar bandit!

  3. What a great iPhone app! I just bought it and all the extras. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  4. Okay, these are just way too cool Lisa ! Your pictures are awesome!

  5. great pics-sweet story

  6. Love the pics and the story they tell!

  7. really cool effects! love your store of the day!! =)

  8. How fun is this app?!  Looks like you gave the photos a lot of warmth and old style charm…love the story line and the pic of the two of you!

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