A great catch!






I made this little card for J and snuck it into his laptop bag.  He liked it!

Japanese masking tape is all the rage these days — I got most of mine at Itoya when I was in Tokyo last fall — wish I could go back and load a suitcase full!  But this particular set I found at a home design shop on Saturday here in Austin — you just never know where it will turn up!  I’ve also ordered it from Ginko Papers, some super nice people, and I hear that Happy Tape is another great source.

(Supplies: “you’re a catch” sticker by K & Co, Fabriano notecard + envelope.  Japanese masking tape. I added some glitter on the wings.)

And!  Lest you think Japanese masking tape is just for cards, check out this great Ikea kid’s table makeover by Belinda! And then there’s this little clothespin on a gift bag by Spoonful of Sugar.

What are some of the little things that make you smile?  I’d love to hear!


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  1. Lisa,  I wanted to thank you for your blog post on how to take a great card picture using repositionable tape, pretty paper and a box.  I tried it and my card pictures have improved greatly!   So, I’ll say sharing ideas is what makes me happy.  And the Japanese masking tape looks fun. 

  2. hello lisa,
    your great visits on my blog make me so smile and happy…oh, and i love masking tape, too…especially from hiki von UGUisU…great japanese shop…i wrote about on my blog a few days ago…;)…and sure…would be great to stay in touch with you…a big hug and thanks you are so great…;)…cheers ines

  3. Very cute, I’m inspired to use some more tape now, what  a darling card! 

    Ok, I admit, I am a sucker for Hello Kitty stuff…..people think I drag my nieces in there to get them something, but…sshhh…it’s really to get me some fun smelling pencils, pens, erasers, or notepads!

  4. Oh, yeah on Hello Kitty!!!  SO cute!!!  My mom always got us some as a treat if we were good at the doctor’s/dentist’s, so I’ve been programmed since an early age to love her :)

  5. what an ADORABLE card, lisa!  that ‘stamp’ kills me.  :D  and i totally admire you – had i brought home such yummy tape from such a far-away place, i’d definitely be hoarding it all under lock and key!  HA!  ;) 

  6. Fun card! Love Japanese Masking Tape.  Funny thing about your card is the company started out making (and still do) fly catching tape! hehehe

    1. Jenn C — I didn’t know that! That *is* funny, ha ha! :)

  7. I love japanese masking tape…so fun, right!  btw, i’m in your blog class.  I have to say your blog is just lovely!!  These are GREAT photos :)!!

  8. I really love your card! Simple, but so striking! I had never seen Japanese masking tape before. Now I must go hunting for it ;) Love the colors on your rolls!

  9. These are adorable! I appreciate the masking tape link. What a find!

  10. I am addicted to Japanese masking tape too!  I’ve been adding it to my scrapbook pages and cards lately and LOVE the fun accent!  I SO want to try Belinda’s table project, though I think I would have to add a layer of modge podge to the kiddos from peeling it off.  Did you see the tape dispenser Leslie featured on a Creative Mint?  I was SOOO bummed that the company ran out of the natural dispenser by the time I got over there!  Anyways!  I have to tell you that your photos have soared to all new heights lately.  Seriously, you are AMAZING me!!  Hugs!

  11. Loving the tape!! The link you shared with the kids’ table – we have the same one – and it is starting to look a lot like the “before” photo… hmm… wheels are turning…!

  12. The Japanese masking tape looks fun. I would want to use it all over the place. Cute card!

  13. your little card is so fun and sweet! I love that you made it a surprise for your husband! =)
    I love going to Kinikuniya, the Japanese bookstore. I love looking through all the cute little colorful stationary they stock and I think they have some masking tapes the last time I was there. I also love their craft books/magazine section. I got almost all of my amigurumi books there!

  14. OMG!!!  NINJA FLIES IN A JAR!!!  I love it!!!

  15. It’s all just do delightful when I stop by your blog. The card is so happy and cheerful and I love how you set up your photos!! When I was 7 all I wanted was supplies for my Birthday so I’m definitely going to NEED this tape. Thanks for the links.

  16. Such a cute card….. but, OH NO – that gorgeous tape! ….. you’ve started me off on another hunt for something I probably won’t be able to find in the UK!

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