13 thoughts on “Could it be?”

  1. WOW!  Thanks for this gorgeous picture, Lisa!  Is that also known as an anemone?  Looks like something we get here in spring – they’re little flowers from bulbs.  Mine are pink, white, lavendar – this is such a vibrant color!!   Yes, I am ready for spring – such a wonderful time of year, and especially after this winter!!!

    1. Hi Lin!  It *is* an anemone  — anemone carolinia, to be exact!  :)
      We have mostly white ones, and this purple one was just amazing — I think I must have spotted it right after it opened, what a treat!

  2. Just so pretty… and I bet you are glad for Spring.  By all accounts it has been a harsh winter in America this year.  Hope that it’s not a sign of things to come for the southern hemisphere… but we did have a great late summer!!!!

  3. Beautiful flower with a beautiful name and your photo is wonderful Lisa – when out walking the lanes the other day I found a single Celandine…. these are definitely a spring flower in the UK :o)

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