Could it be?



This the first wildflower to bloom in our prairie garden this year — a windflower. Love them so, because that means that spring is here!  Yay!

Hope spring is really here to stay, still can’t believe that there was snow this time last week.  How about you, ready for spring?

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  1. GORGEOUS photo….great color!  And, yes, so ready for Spring..shorts and flip flops, please!

  2. Dang, you’re a good photographer, girl!  These are BEAUTIMOUS!!!

  3. WOW!  Thanks for this gorgeous picture, Lisa!  Is that also known as an anemone?  Looks like something we get here in spring – they’re little flowers from bulbs.  Mine are pink, white, lavendar – this is such a vibrant color!!   Yes, I am ready for spring – such a wonderful time of year, and especially after this winter!!!

    1. Hi Lin!  It *is* an anemone  — anemone carolinia, to be exact!  :)
      We have mostly white ones, and this purple one was just amazing — I think I must have spotted it right after it opened, what a treat!

  4. Such a beautiful photo!  We still have snow up north…but I heard birds chirping this morning.  I think that means spring :)!!

  5. Just so pretty… and I bet you are glad for Spring.  By all accounts it has been a harsh winter in America this year.  Hope that it’s not a sign of things to come for the southern hemisphere… but we did have a great late summer!!!!

  6. Beautiful flower with a beautiful name and your photo is wonderful Lisa – when out walking the lanes the other day I found a single Celandine…. these are definitely a spring flower in the UK :o)

  7. Spring,  Dad says not here!!!  Our snow has melted some, we only have about 12 inches on the ground now.   Love the flower.

  8. wow, great photos! such a pretty flower~~~

  9. BEAUTIFUL images Lisa.  Thanks so much for sharing.  New botanicals on my blog today too! 

  10. Wow… super gorgeous photos, Lisa!! Awesome colors, totally love it!!

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