This weekend, play a little joke on someone!

All you need is some cereal and wiggle eyes, like so:


J thought this was hilarious — he started laughing like crazy when he saw it — he’s the one who suggested putting it on my blog, hee hee!  I was giggling the whole time I glued the eyes on. Oh and!  The cereal is Barbara’s Shredded Oats, it is super yummy.  This little guy is now named Oatie.

Update: J created a little movie starring Oatie, hee hee:

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  We’re going to the Zilker Kite Festival on Sunday, can’t wait.

If you play a little joke on someone I’d love to hear,

22 Replies to “This weekend, play a little joke on someone!”

  1. OMG — that is absolutely cute and hilarious, can’t wait to show the kids your post.

  2. That is genius! I had Strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats this morning. I’m glad none of them were begging not to be eaten. Nom! Nom! Nom!

  3. How funny!!!!!!!!!!

    Only plans I have is going to a parent/student basketball game tonight that my niece and mom are playing in.—I’m betting on the kids.

  4. Oh my, you guys are too funny!  I wanna live at your house, I bet you are laughing and having fun all the time, hehe!

  5. I hope your hubby is awake when he eats breakfast, otherwise this could backfire and break a tooth or worse!!  Cute…..

  6. Hehe, that’s so funny! Laughing out loud at the video :D

  7. lol, you guys are too silly!

  8. LOL!! You guys are too funny!! What a way to live your life with humor, got to LOVE this!! Did Oatie survive?! :)

  9. Lisa, This is hilarious! Gonna have to try it sometime. :)

  10. Such a fun idea, Lisa & J! I’ll have to try it. I want to see more Adventures of Oatie.

  11. Run Oatie Run!!!!!
    Er, wait, you have no legs…   Roll Oatie Roll!!!
    Oatie rocks…  you are awesome  hon!

  12. ROTFL!  You crack me, girl!  Have a fab weekend!

  13. LOL – that is funny!  I’m glad I didn’t find that guy floating around in my cereal this morning!!  you’re giving me ideas now to freak out my husband :)

  14. hello lisa,
    you are just fantastic…;)…this makes my weekend one more better…;)…ist so cute and funny…love it…your ideas are incredible…i´m looking forward for more ideas on food products…lol…thanks for let me begin my weekend with a big smile…;)…hugs…

  15. Only you would think to put googly eyes on cereal are so clever and creative. You and J are just the cutest couple and do the most fun things. Love to hear all about it!
    I’ll have to try this sometime…love the little movie too. Reminds me of Mr. Bill on vintage Saturday night live. Maybe you were a baby then?

  16. LOL!! this is too funny!! love love love this, Lisa!! you just put me in a super happy mood!! =)  thanks!!


  18. Lisa, loved J’s little movie and Oatie is too cute! J sounds like an awesome guy, you’re a lucky girl:)

  19. hysterical…Mike eats the same cereal…I am going to do that to him!

  20. this was halarious!  this is goofy but when i was a kid i would pretend to be a monster and the cereal was trying to escape my wrath… my kids do that now and thought your video was awesome! :)

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