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Go fly a kite!




Today was the 82nd annual Zilker Kite Festival. I’d been looking forward to it for weeks and weeks, had this idea to make a little cloud kite for ages now.  Then J had the idea to make a sun to go with the cloud, hee hee.  We had tons of fun painting the designs, but even more fun flying the kites!


I can’t remember if I ever flew a kite before, but it was so easy and fun that I seemed like I’d been doing it forever.  And my spirits soared right along with the kite!

(And!  If you’d like try painting on a ripstop nylon kite, Claudine Hellmuth’s acrylic paint works great — it’s nice and thick and doesn’t run everywhere.  Oh and if you’re looking for a kite, we got our blank ones from a local company who ships kites everywhere — World Wind Kites.)

What a great day!  We’re going to take the kites out for another flight at the park down the street — it’s just too fun.

Now then, go fly a kite!

15 thoughts on “Go fly a kite!”

  1. Isn’t it fun??  My husband had been wanting to fly a kite with me when he had heard I’d never done it before.  I kept thinking though…really, how much fun could it be?  I can’t believe how much fun it actually was!  I had a smile on my face the whole time :)  Your pix of the day are just lovely!!

  2. Too fun!!!  I love flying kites.  Thank you so much for sharing the link too. The Easter Bunny brings kites (among other spring/summer things) every year and on our very first beach trip of the year we break out the kites.  We all look so forward to it.  We try to go bigger and better every year. Now to check out that store.  Have fun! :)

  3. Wow!  Now that just looks way tooo fun!  Love the way you both personalized your kites, it’s so YOU!  What beautiful photos of the entire event…it’s been ages since I’ve flown a kite!  Maybe someday again! :)

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