Sweet, tweet spring!

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! Did you have a good week? I have been busy busy busy at work, but I had to take a few moments to stamp two quick cards this morning. I thought I’d share them plus how my crazy mind works — so you can see what inspires me!

It all started off with the photos of our sweet little plum tree. They  got me to thinking about our trip to Japan last fall, and that got me to thinking about a lovely Japanese collage book that I picked up — along with my Japanese masking tape.


See the little bird on the cover? More on that later! Next, the postage stamp reminded me of using bits of mail and envelopes in collages. A quick rummage through the recycling bin later and the ideas really started flowing!


So, did you follow all that?  J says that “Lisa logic” can be very confusing, so if you didn’t follow it, you’re not alone. :)

Here’s the first card that I made — I wanted to keep it sweet and simple and focus on the bird + the nest that I made out of an envelope.


While I was rummaging around in my stamp drawer looking for the “smiles” message I came across a “hugs” and got it out, just in case. I spotted an envelope that said “official documents enclosed” and another light bulb went off:


(Supplies: Bird stamp by Hero Arts, messages by Mostly Hearts. Fabriano notecards. Japanese masking tape, recycled envelopes. Black embroidery floss.)

And there you have it!  I’ve got more ideas, can’t wait to play this weekend.  We’re also going to have pancakes (yum!), volunteer at a local nature preserve (fun!), and go to the Zilker Kite Festival (yay!).  Do you have an any fun plans?

Wishing you a weekend full of happy little ideas,

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  1. I really really really like the card with the bird. I just love it. It’s simple and original and just totally what I like. I like the hugs card a lot too, but the bird one is my fave.  Looking forward to your other ideas!

  2. Fabulous cards, Lisa! Love tape!

    1. Wow, Lisa – this is AMAZING. I am so inspired to use these envelope patterns now!!! Your logic rocks!

  3. ooohhhhh I love the second one!!! love love love

  4. Oh My, Lisa! I really love that second card! So artistic! So inspiring!

  5. Lisa, I love the bird card…adorable!  oh and btw, i love the japanese masking tape but couldn’t figure out what to do with it…thanks for giving me some ideas :)

  6. Lisa, you are so creative!  LOVE the bird card!!  And thanks for giving me some ideas for what to do with the japanese masking tape :)

  7. These are both so sweet and special! Love seeing your inspiration!! :)

  8. love knowing your “thought/thinking process” !! how fun! love both cards and that bird nest is genius!!

  9. I often think I should be using those envelopes instead of using them to light my fire!  Your cards are so clever Lisa – especially the bird.  Its gorgeous!

  10. Wonderful ideas, it’s so cool :-)

  11. Such fun and happy cards with the tapes Lisa!   I love tape too!!  Have fun at your retreats this weekend!

  12. You are a GENIUS! Seriously, I stand by that statement!

  13. Looking at your blog every morning puts me in a good mood for the day! Fab photos, unique cards and of course bicycle tidbits!

  14. Hi Lisa! well… I have to confess something…Im your secret follower lol I never write a comment I don´t know why… but I always admire your photos and cards they are great!! And your photo tutorial are the most useful!! my photos change a lot with your tricks :D I don´t know if I lost any post but I want to know which program do you use to do those “collage” of photo (like the one of the cereal lol) because they are seriously great!!
    Thank you for the tutorials and the daily inspiration!!
    P.S: sorry for my bad english…

    1. Hi Agus! Thanks for your comment — it made my day! :)

      I used Google’s picasa to create the collage of the cereal.

      I’ve also been playing around with Picnik, it has a way to make collages too!

      Hope that helps, and good to hear from you! Hugs! :)

  15. both cards are wonderful …  so creative and so unique

  16. Love how you wrote about your stream of consciousness creative process…because I am sooo like that…seemingly random connections, but you jump from one thing to the next and finally land upon a cool idea to act upon!  Your cards are beautiful, definitely that clean Japanese collage feel to them. I really have to get myself that decorated tape!

  17. Goodness Lisa, that little bird on the nest is just amazing! I love your second card too – that  little addition of colour is totally fabulous! You never fail to amaze me with your creativity, Jo x

  18. So amazing!! Love it!

  19. Julie Ratcliffe says:

    Lovely! Have seen other people suggest using the inside of envelopes but your addition of the coloured tape is so inspiring,  and the little nest is brilliant.

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