Plum break.

Our little plum tree has been calling to me these past few days. Finally there was a break in the rain and I grabbed my camera and went to see her



Yay! Pretty soon she’ll be loaded with fragrant white blossoms, ahhhhh.

This has given me tons of crafty ideas — can’t wait to try them. But for now I must get back to work — will share what I’ve been up to tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed the plum break,

12 thoughts on “Plum break.”

    1. Yes! I love those rounded corners! :) Plus the messages while picnik loads are hilarious — today it sayd “buttering bread”, hee hee :)

  1. omg, lisa – totally laughing about the picnik comments!!  i always get a kick out of them.  i just started using picnik – gotta say it’s fun to use and makes things look good :)

    but your photos are lovely!!  i can’t believe you have blooms already.  i can’t wait to start seeing some of ours!

  2. Beautiful, thanks so much for sharing!  I have fond memories of a little plum tree, too.  I don’t ever remember it giving us many plums, but it was gorgeous when it bloomed, and I remember many birds’ nests built in its branches.  

  3. oh, wow…so lovley…lisa…here in southgermany we have snow again…wait for springtime…;)…thanks for jump over to our blog…and fine that i could inspire you with the flower sketch…wish you a lovley sunny weekend and a big hug…;)…

  4. oh lordie lisa, how do u capture such amazing shots? i saw your sharpening tutorial but this has to be more about camera skill!!

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