Five blogs that make me happy! :)

I’ve been reading a bunch of new blogs lately and there are five that I just have to share with you — even though each blogger writes about totally different things, they all have one thing in common: they all make me so happy!

First off, meet Amy, a happy resident of Brooklyn, NY. She’s got a super fun writing style and she writes about all kinds of eclectic things — many Brooklyn related — on her blog, M-Dashing. She’s got a series going called “the One-Bouquet-A-Week Challenge“, where she challenges herself to create a new bouquet a week. Just look at these lovelies:


(images: Amy from M-Dashing)

I think I’m going to have to treat myself to a new bouquet a week, too!

Next, let’s head across the world to Australia and visit Kellie from 74 lime lane!  Each week she does a series called “lime light” where she shares some wonderful finds.  I just love this one:

lime-lane copy

The blue typewriter!  The camper!  The toaster!  The sneakers!  So fun.   And! I love reading blogs from around the world — did you know that it’s summer in Australia?

Now let’s stay “virtually” in Australia and visit Piper from One Sydney Road.  She has a terrific sense of humor that really and truly makes me laugh out loud.  Check out this image from this post that had me giggling all afternoon:


(image: Sam from Good Measure)

Piper said she would love to have them as party favors, wouldn’t that just be hilarious?   I can just image them on Southwest or Jet Blue airlines, too.  Hee hee.

Now let’s spin the globe again and head over to South Germany to visit Ines of frauheberg! She really writes from the heart about so many things, and she is a wonderful photographer, too. Just love this post. And, here’s one of her fabulous finds — the work of Stephanie Levy! Doesn’t this just make you think of spring?

dublin 2010 02

(image: Stephanie Levy)

Now let’s head over to San Francisco and visit Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists. If you like making lists (I do, I do!), then her blog is sure to make you happy.  She wrote a post recently about Happy Tape — Japanese masking tape — and that really got my smile-o-meter going!


(image: Happy Tape)

My favorite from Meredith’s list of things she loves about Happy Tape?

3) that even tape can be pretty. Course, this sets the bar high for other things. Like, toilet paper, you’re going to need to raise your game, dude.

Ha ha ha!

Have you read any blogs lately that made you happy? I’d love to hear!

10 Replies to “Five blogs that make me happy! :)”

  1. Wow!  Super cool, will have to check out these links!  Aside from crafting…I LOVE food!  I will try and seek out interesting food blogs with really good and yummy pictures….I also venture out to find blogs in related areas of crafting in which I’m not as familiar with so I can learn more about it…fun! 

  2. Thanks for these links, Lisa!  My favorite is the first one – because of the flowers, of course!  Going over there now to visit!

  3. Aw, girl!  You made my day…thank you SO much for this post! xo

  4. You are so sweet to mention my blog!!  You just made my day :)!

  5. Thanks Lisa! Among some of my own favourites too!

  6. wow, lisa…thank you so much for this…i´m very touching about this…really…and so fine to read…you definitly make my night…;)…in germany is now after midnight…so thanks so much and i only want to say that i´m very glad to meet you in the BYW…i love your humour…you make my days, lisa…thanks…big hugs…

  7. Your blog always makes me happy!! I’m smiling right now because of the fun blogs you found to share. I’m thinking 74 lime lane may make it’s way to my blog reading list….love that art…. but I’m sure I will be visiting them all!
    Thank you, Lisa….. for the smiles!

  8. thank you so much for those links, Lisa! I’ll visit them all! =)

  9. Karen From Ontario says:

    I agree….your blog is always so sunny, bright and fun.  I also love visiting the Hero Arts blog and Jennifer McGuire and my friend Susan over at Simplicity…

  10. is one of my favorites—I love her sprinkes…..

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