She’s “plum” good: part 3

Welcome to the end of my little tale.


Here I tried to share how pretty and peaceful the little plum is in the evenings.


I wish you could hear the doves cooing their good-nights, it really adds to the whole feeling.


The moral of the story?  Good things come to those who wait?  Things bloom in their own time?  Stick with something and be rewarded?  Nah, I think it’s “threaten to rip our your little plum and THEN she will blossom”, ha ha ha!


Hope you have a blooming good weekend, and hope you enjoyed “a day in the life of Miss Plum”!  (If you missed it, part 1 is here and part 2 here.) Do you have any fun plans?  If not, why not try taking photos of something in the morning, late afternoon, and early evening?  I’d love to see!

9 Replies to “She’s “plum” good: part 3”

  1. Wow. Nature brings the most pristine beauty, isn’t it?

  2. That’s really neat!  I love the effect of the blossom from morning to night…you’re such a good story teller…you should be a novelist too!

  3. Beautiful photos…love the petite flowers, when the trees are filled with them, it is as if there are puffy clouds above and when the wind blows it is as if its snowing.  I enjoyed all three posts! :>

  4. Love how you wrote the story Lisa.. and i always love the happy ending tale.. the “good things come to those who wait” is perfect!! She spreading her love by blooming so beautifully just for you :)

  5. Amazing pictures all through the day! Very inspiring too!

  6. Miss Plum is such a beauty! thanks for capturing her pretty face at different hours of the day and for sharing them with us! i love it! =)

  7. I adore all these pictures – you’ve inspired me to get out and take come photos of our budding Magnolia – it won’t be long until it opens – I can’t wait.

  8. I really loved your Day in the Life of a Plum Tree!  :-)  My favorite picks were the mid-day – sooooo gorgeous!  But your sweet little tree is gorgeous at all times of day!  So glad she won’t become compost.  hee hee

  9. Hi Lisa!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking on me….I am still away have been gone for almost two weeks!!   Loved seeing your photo’s…they are always the Best!!  Hope you have a great day!!  Can’t wait to get home to my TOYS!!!!

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