She’s “plum” good: part 2

In my last post, I introduced you to Miss Plum.


I took bunches of photos (198, to be exact), but I didn’t feel like I really captured her spirit.


So out I went, and tried again.


I really wish someone would invent scratch ‘n’ sniff screens, because she smelled heavenly.  Bury your nose:



To be continued this evening…

10 Replies to “She’s “plum” good: part 2”

  1. Hi Lisa!
    Oh la la. Pretty!

  2. Love the softly blurred images, so pretty and delicate!! 

  3. 198!  is that all! ;o) – I  fill my camera chip with photos of our fruit trees in bloom every year and I know exactly what you mean by not getting the spirit….. we’ve an ancient plum tree right at the bottom of the garden that blooms earliest in the year – its always covered in blossom but photographing the whole tree just never seems to capture its beauty – always puts me in mind of a bride in a white lacy dress.  Your photo are wonderful though you know.

  4. Beautiful blog!  Love your pictures, they are fabulous!  So inspiring!

  5. Oh! I wish I had one of those in my garden!! I think looking at a beauty like that in the morning really makes your day. Patience pays off :)

  6. Sweeet…  i love seeing the white beauty of your plum.. you’ve captured it perfectly.. :)

  7. Hello Lisa! Thanks for popping by! I just love your blossom flower series – so jealous as I’m entering into Autumn now, and will have to wait months for these! Pleased to meet you here through BYW, and hope to see you again;)

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