She’s “plum” good: part 1

I love our sweet little plum tree.


But for many years she didn’t bloom.  Not nary a bud.


I watered her, and sang to her, gave her compost and mulch.  I even threatened to dig her up and turn her into compost, herself.


Then one year, finally (finally!) she had a few buds.


But this year, this year, I think she is really turning into quite a sweet beauty.


And so I tried to capture her in photos, from morning (this set) to evening.  Won’t you come along and see?

To be continued this afternoon…

7 Replies to “She’s “plum” good: part 1”

  1. Ooooooo, wow, what a stunning, beautiful pictures! I do love these blossoms and ofcourse I will be back later this afternoon.

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. She’s just a late bloomer :)  So glad you stuck with her, Lisa!  Gorgeous photos!

  3. So very pretty, so happy she finally bloomed for you!! :)

  4. just lovley…have a wonderful sunny weekend…hugs…;)…

  5. So beautiful.. your patience and love makes her so happy and bloom so beautifully Lisa.. wish i could smell the fragrance.. :)

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