Bird-day Bunting

There’s a big bunting craze going on all around blog-land, and I’ve been trying to find the time to sew some out of fabric — I think it would be super cute hanging from a shelf above my computer here in the office.  Then it hit me: why not use Japanese masking tape and make some for a card?




Just fold a piece of tape over some twine, stick the two sides together and trim into a triangle.  Instant bunting gratification!  I think it would be cute to make flags for cupcake toppers, too — wrap the tape around a toothpick!

(Supplies: Japanese masking tape, bird and message by A Muse, twine saved from a shipping tag. Fabriano notecard.)

Want more Japanese masking tape inspiration?  Check out this and this.  More bunting goodness?  Check out this and this and this!

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35 Replies to “Bird-day Bunting”

  1. Oh – I love it! What a great idea :)

  2. bunting + washi tape = i love it sooooo much! modifying this to use on wedding thank you notes!

  3. Lisa, where did you find your washi tape? You have beautiful colors :)
    I even had my daughter searching in Okinawa before she left to return to the states. All she found was decorated plastic tape. Bummed!

  4. Too cute! Love it!

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