Bird-day Bunting

There’s a big bunting craze going on all around blog-land, and I’ve been trying to find the time to sew some out of fabric — I think it would be super cute hanging from a shelf above my computer here in the office.  Then it hit me: why not use Japanese masking tape and make some for a card?




Just fold a piece of tape over some twine, stick the two sides together and trim into a triangle.  Instant bunting gratification!  I think it would be cute to make flags for cupcake toppers, too — wrap the tape around a toothpick!

(Supplies: Japanese masking tape, bird and message by A Muse, twine saved from a shipping tag. Fabriano notecard.)

Want more Japanese masking tape inspiration?  Check out this and this.  More bunting goodness?  Check out this and this and this!

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35 Replies to “Bird-day Bunting”

  1. how creative…really cute…think i must to do this for our little one, too…great idea…big hug…;)…

  2. Great idea, Lisa!!  This turned out really nice, and I love the little added bird and your clothespins!!

  3. So cute!!!!  I love this idea, the look and the super adorableness of your card:)

  4. Great idea! Looks amazing and fun!

  5. You do realize my jaw is hanging open, yes?!  SHUT UP!!!

  6. simply adorable!!!

  7. Wow!  All of that is tape??  So super cute, now I’m inspired!  Love that little chickie!

  8. love it!!! Super cute.  I can’t wait to break out my japanese masking tape -the ones that you inspired me to purchase in the first place :)!!!

  9. WOW! This is just AMAZING!

  10. WOW Lisa, this is beautiful and super creative! I love this !!!!  :-D

  11. I absolutely LOVE this card!

  12. This is SO cute! Oh my goodness! I love it!!

  13. This is too stinkin’ cute!  LOVE it!

  14. Super easy and creative…Love it.

  15. Oh my goodness, I love this Lisa!  It’s way too adorable!

  16. cute cute cute!! I LOVE this, Lisa!! you are such an inspiration!!

  17. Lisa this is definitely one for my inspiration folder!  Just love it – I’d never even heard of Japanese masking tape until I saw your fabulous ideas and was delighted to find I can buy it here in the UK on ebay!!!  We’re usually so behind the times crafty-wise ;o)

  18. Oh my goodness this is amazing!!!!
    Would it be ok if I shared this with my blog readers?  I’d love to use the photo you have, linking it directly to this post, would that be ok?  Please email me if it’s alright!!!  Thanks!!!!

    1. Sure thing on linking to the bird-day bunting card! Glad you like it, I was giggling the whole time I made it, hee hee.

  19. Hi Lisa, i can’t stop giggling when i saw your bird bunting card, he’s just too cute.. I love how you use the Japanese masking tape for the banner!! super sweet!! :)

  20. This is ridiculously cute!

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