Marshmallow bunny dilemma.

So, I want to whip up a few little marshmallow bunny treats for the owlets.  But, I need your help!




Let me know what you think about this pressing problem, hee hee.  (And a note on felt with glitter already in it — apparently it rubs off while you’re stitching it.  Doh!)

And, may your weekend be full of tasty treats — with or without glitter!

38 Replies to “Marshmallow bunny dilemma.”

  1. no glitter for me! =) they both are so cute! what are their sizes? they look pretty small! if you don’t mind telling me! =) Have a beautiful weekend, Lisa!

    1. Hi Alice! Each one comes out a little bit different, but they are around 3 inches tall. I made for J that’s 4 inches tall (since he’s the a tall guy!) :)

  2. Heather Maria says:

    These are both adorable Lisa! I’d say no glitter because I can see your hand stitching more on the one without the glitter!

  3. Not to glitter….love the simple felt bunny look, otherwise it looks like you’re trying to do too much with something that already works on it’s own.  Love the bunnies!!

  4. These are too cute!  I vote no glitter.

  5. No glitter for me on this one (Even though I usually can’t get enough sparkle!)

  6. Not to Glitter! …so cute!

  7. Michelle Liimatainen says:

    I’m in the NO glitter camp. I think he is just so cute on his own….and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves glitter :D

  8. I Like the Bunny with just a few sprinkles of glitter the best…so cute Lisa!!!

  9. This is going to be surprising coming from me, but I like them without the glitter! They’re too adorable!

  10. No glitter camp too……..:))

  11. No glitter. Although I normally go for glitter the one without just looks cuter (although I like the chunkier proportions of the other). Anyway I’m sure the owlets will love them.

  12. Cute bunnies!  No glitter.

  13. my vote is for no glitter. the bunny is so cute, as is.  But I must say…you have gotten me “hooked” on making little owlets.  I made a slightly larger one and named her “Ruby” and then made several smaller one’s and called them Ruby’s Roost.  However, I can’t seem to keep her “roost” filled.  Everytime someone comes over and sees them they want one and I let them “adopt” one.  I tie a little tag on their ear with their name on it.  Thanks for the fun idea.  Pretty soon the world will be covered in cute little owlets and everybody will be smiling :)

  14. Glitter!!! The glitter bunny has a smile. I think because he loves to sparkle. :)

  15. No glitter for me. The no glitter makes the bunny cuter I think. :)

  16. Not to glitter!  :)  Can enjoy the bunny in its natural glory.

  17. i love to toast marshmallows in the fire, they taste twice as better when they are burnt `’`

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