Marshmallow bunny dilemma.

So, I want to whip up a few little marshmallow bunny treats for the owlets.  But, I need your help!




Let me know what you think about this pressing problem, hee hee.  (And a note on felt with glitter already in it — apparently it rubs off while you’re stitching it.  Doh!)

And, may your weekend be full of tasty treats — with or without glitter!

38 Replies to “Marshmallow bunny dilemma.”

  1. To glitter, me thinks!!  Cuuuute!

  2. Not to glitter :) (The felt bunny is so cuuuuuute)

  3. No glitter for me!  I think it’s cute without it, and glitter can be a pain :)

  4. I like ‘no’ glitter on this one!  :)

  5. Not to glitter! So so cute~!

  6. I love both of these Lisa !!!! They are way too cute !!! My vote is no glitter .

    :-) Barbara

  7. Not to glitter. Love them both but less is more in my book! :)

  8. As much as I love glitter, I think the bunny without the glitter is way too cute!

  9. I am going with the nos. Very cute and I can see the stitching better without the glitter. :)

  10. hee hee these are ADORABLE!!! I am the biggest glitter fan, but, I have to go with the majority on this and say no glitter.   :-)

  11. I concur, no glitter, but both are adorable and tasty looking treats! ;)

  12. Glitter not I think – it will get stuck on the owlets feathers.

  13. So cute!!! Multiples of each! Hehe! I am of no help!

  14. Glitter or not, at least these little bunnies are calorie free! I’m with the no glitter group.

  15. I vote for NO glitter – you don’t want the owlets to choke., right?!

  16. so cute~  i say… glitter!  sparkle is always required!

  17. I love all your hands sewn critters Lisa. I will vote for NO glitter on this one. Adorable by the way :)

  18. I love both of them Lisa.. but the one without glitter is already cute.. so I choose no glitter this time.. happy pinkish bunny’s day :)

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