Happy Easter weekend!


How do you make an Easter card for a guy that has pastel colors AND flowers?  Keep it simple and use super cute Lawnfawn stamps, that’s how!  Just got these, can’t wait to play more.  J just called he’s on his way home from work — somebunny has to hide this card + jelly beans!  More later…

Happy Easter, and happy spring!

18 thoughts on “Happy Easter weekend!”

  1. Happy Easter Lisa and Jason too :) your card is so darn cute and i bet J will love it Lisa.. and it will put a big smile on his face, i especially adore the pink tree.. HEY i never made a pink tree before, will give it a try!!:)

  2. Oh…I let out a little squeal when I saw this, darling….speaking of jellybeans…did you realize the top of your tree actually looks like one of the flavors? Maybe cotton candy…so cute!

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