Miss Redbud

Miss Redbud won’t admit it, but I think she got jealous of Miss Plum — she’s really blooming her pretty little head off this year. She was also the inspiration this card for J.  (Oh yes, a pink tree for a guy!)

She and I would like to wish all of you…




Don’t ask me why they are called redbuds, either — every one I’ve ever seen has been more of a pinky-purple.  Anyhow, if you live Central Texas, I think you should plant one next to a little plum.  Then sit back and watch the show.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

13 Replies to “Miss Redbud”

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos, Lisa!  You are waaaaaay ahead of us here, so I really enjoy your pictures of spring in Texas! 

  2. Aaaaah beautiful!!!

  3. So gorgeous! Happy Spring to you, sweet Lisa!

  4. Gorgeous!  I love that shade of pink with a hint of purple!

  5. So pretty! These photos make me smile! :)

  6. Your photography is stunning lisa! Jo X

  7. So pretty!  And because blossom never lasts long its more appreciated – especially as it might get blown off the tree by March winds in April!  Hope Spring really is here – we had snow again this week here in the UK!

  8. She’s gorgeous Lisa!!! Wish i have that beautiful flowers here.. Enjoy the spring Lisa!! xoxo, F ;)

  9. Gorgeous Lisa!!!  Happy Easter…..

  10. Always love your images Lisa.  Just spectacular.  We are all so ready for spring this year!  More project 365 images on my blog.  Thanks for all you share! Happy Easter!

  11. wow great photos! as usual lol! here is Autumm :P
    Thanks for the daily inspiration,

  12. beautiful! love that vibrant pink! Miss Redbud is a beauty! =)

  13. Wow, gorgeous!  I would just stare at those all day!  I can’t wait for our lilacs to bloom…still waiting :)

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