Mondays aren’t so bad.

Especially when you look out into your back garden and see your Georgetown winecups blooming.


They make a gloomy morning after a long weekend worth waking up for. Oh no, Mondays aren’t so bad, after all!

AND! Tuesdays are even better — wink, wink — I have a BIG post planned — my lips are sealed as to what it is, ha ha!

See you then,

11 thoughts on “Mondays aren’t so bad.”

  1. Another beautiful photo, Lisa!  Have never heard of these – are they a native plant?  Looking forward to tomorrow’s surprise!

    1. Hi Lin!  Yep, it’s a native Texas plant — and this variety is only found ’round here —  the “normal” wines are pure wine colored, no stripes!

  2. Lisa, you have so many fantastic flowers.. including this one!! I love staring how beautiful she is.. it’s a perfect way to start my day :) Wish i could smell the fragance too.. Something BIG in your blog? woow I can’t wait till tomorrow then!!

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