Happy weekend!

Hi everyone, and happy weekend! What a week this has been, whew.  Lots going on that I can’t talk about just yet.  And what a month it’s been — can you believe it’s almost May? I sure can’t.


Do you have any weekend plans?  Last weekend I repotted some houseplants — and couldn’t resist getting a few new ones, including this flowering maple.  So pretty!  It really makes me smile whenever I walk past it.  And, it’s supposed to bloom all year!  Can’t beat that.

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to Burleson Prairie — cannot wait.  Sunday I’m hoping to do one of the projects from my list.  But not until after we’ve had pancakes.  Yum.  :)

Happy weekend,

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  1. oh, wish you a happy weekend, too…my week was so busy and now i´m so glad to start in our hopefully cozy weekend…the flowers are amazing…have a great time and i´m looking forward to your creativitiy…cheers and hugs…i

  2. Isn’t this gorgeous?  LOVE the color of the flowers – like orange sherbet!  At first I thought they were nasturtiums.  Thanks so much for the share, Lisa, and looking forward to hearing what you can’t tell us about just yet :)))

  3. That tree is gorgeous! Hope we will get to see pictures from the prarie, hint, hint.

  4. Wow! Another stunning photo! I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Wishing you a happy weekend too:-) Lovely photograph of the flowering maple!

  6. gorgeous flowers! thanks for sharing! have a happy weekend!

  7. Beautiful flowers!  Love the orange colors!!

  8. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Lisa!! Thank you for sharing the stunning photo, love the gorgeous orange flowers!

  9. I have a pink flowering maple and it does bloom all year long!  Enjoy!

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