A different kinda traffic jam.

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? Mine went by way too fast, but I had tons of fun! On Saturday J and I went on a field trip to Burleson Prairie, one of the prettiest prairies I know. After the field trip we went to Green’s Sausage House for lunch — where I spotted some yummy looking blueberry/red raspberry/blackberry/strawberry Texas Traffic Jam in the grocery shop.  That name just cracked me up — had to have it!   On Sunday we took it for a drive.






May all your traffic jams be just as fun,

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  1. Looks pretty yummy!  And I love that last picture with all of the little bouquets in the background!  Darling!

  2. I wouldn’t mind being in that traffic jam

  3. Yummo!  I’m still staring at the food!

  4. Lisa, you’re making me hungry!  :)  Love the name too!

  5. oh…mmmmhhhh…want to visit you for a sunday brunch…looks so delicious…have a great sunny week with lots of creative adventures…so fine to stay in contact…thanks for your inspirations…hugs and cheers…i

  6. that jam looks yummy. I was in a traffic jam today and it wasn’t fun, would rather have expeprienced this one. :)

  7. Love the name, definitely wouldn’t have been able to pass it up either!!  You’re killing me with this photos…so yummy looking!!  Hmm, maybe we’ll have to do pancakes for dinner this week :)

  8. Yum!! And love all the pretty flowers in the background!

  9. Yummy photos!!!

  10. awww… you just made me crave some pancake!! they must have tasted better with the beautiful table setting! =)

  11. Lisa,
    I love visiting your blog!  I always feel like I’ve just had a chat with a good friend when I’m done reading.  Pancakes with jam are the absolute best way to eat pancakes!  I thought that I was one of the only people in the world who do that!  Guess not!  How cool is that?  I also want to award you the “Sunshine Award” for being a positive influence on the world wide web.  You can get a badge for you site at my site if you’d like to post it.  There are also some guidelines there for passing on the award.  I hope you’ll jump in and spread the love!  Have a wonderful day!  Think I might have pancakes with apricot jam for dinner!!

  12. The food look mighty yummy, Lisa! Thanks for sharing, you reminded me to take time and sit down for breakfast with my family!

  13. This looks so good.  My mouth is watering!

  14. YUM!!!  How did I miss this post?? funny name for the jam but it looks pretty yummy…..Hugs!

  15. Can I tell you how much I love that you put jam on pancakes?? I do it all the time and often get strange looks. I just sometimes want jam, not syrup on them. I like the fruity taste.  And this jam sounds like it would be amazing. I might have to find and try some for myself.  Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week!

  16. This is my kinda traffic jam!

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