13 Replies to “Just dandy.”

  1. These are gorgeous! What a beautiful pic!

  2. Stunning photo Lisa! Way to go.  Thanks for sharing.  Happy Monday in May!

  3. Wow, so pretty Lisa!  Great pic!  Can’t wait to see your dandelion cards!

  4. I like dandelions too! beautiful photo and looking forward to the card ideas!

  5. great shoot.. They are soo beautiful Lisa.. perfect way to start my day..  :)

  6. Lovely photograph! you always bring a smile to my face with what you capture through your lense:-)


  7. so pretty! thanks for sharing this beautiful photo, Lisa!

  8. oh, they are so lovley and you are so right…not to compare with ours here in germany…;)…hopefully you had a great weekend…always fine to be here…smile…;)…thanks  and cheers+hugs…i…

  9. Heather Maria says:

    Gorgeous photo Lisa and I agree with you – your dandelions are a lot prettier than ours! Looking forward to seeing your dandelion cards.

  10. Sp PRETTY Lisa…Can’t wait to see your cards!!

  11. Such a happy and colorful photo, love dandelions too!

  12. […] had a bunch of ideas for using dandelion stamps running around en my brain ever since I took this photo — waaaaay too many ideas to try at once! So, I decided to focus on using the misting […]

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