A sweet little scene.


Just had to share this sweet little scene that I snapped this morning before I sign off for our long Memorial Day weekend.  The rose is from our garden and was covered in glittery raindrops — I couldn’t resist bringing her in! And the peony?  She came from the grocery store of all places.  Ahhhh…

Back Tuesday,

9 Replies to “A sweet little scene.”

  1. Your photos are just heartwarming. I’m definitely going to have a good weekend now :)

  2. what a gorgeous photo!!  hope u have a great weekend too! :)

  3. Sweet indeed, so closely resembles the flower on your sneak peek blinkie!  Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh lovely!  Who can resist roses and peonys – a marriage made in heaven.

  5. so so pretty! i should go and see if i can pick up some peonies at the store, too!  thanks for sharing, Lisa! hope you have a super weekend!! =)

  6. I always love stopping by your blog because of the flower photos! Thanks for putting at least one smile in my day :)

  7. Just beautiful!  Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. What a gorgeous flower!! LOVE it Lisa.. your flower always cheer up my day, thanks for sharing the pic :)

  9. great photos lisa – so pretty and colorful, love it!!!  (and i love anything to do with peonies – they’re so beautiful!!)

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