Hero Arts’ Summer Catalog!


I’m so excited — I can finally talk about the Hero Arts’ Summer Catalog! YAY!  It’s been in the works for a while now, and I think there’s some really good stuff, like:

  • The Old Letter background — I’ve been wanting a stamp with BIG writing for ages now!  I think this will be useful for so many things, I have an idea to make something with shells sorta like something I saw at Anthropologie! Can’t wait.
  • Outline Magnolia and Stencil Flower — love these!  Both are so fun to color with markers, inks or watercolors.  And I’m blushing when I say this, but all of the cards on the cover of the catalog are by me.  Can’t believe it — my very first full cover!  Pinch me, is it really real?
  • Kiss the Cook is just too fun!  Love that smiling egg, hee hee.
  • Sew Artsy and Sew Stylish — what can I say?  Love them both sew much!
  • Another fun one to color is Delicate Blossoms. I made some cards for the catalog where I stamped it in colored ink and then colored with markers and pencils.
  • Then there’s the Large Canvas Stripes and the Graph Background — both of these are so handy!
  • All of the house themed ones are just too fun!  The House with Plant reminds me of the cute little houses in San Francisco, so I made a card for the catalog to look like that.  And wouldn’t you know it?  Mon drew the house based on cute little houses in San Francisco where she lives!



Oh heck, I love them ALL!  :)  What are your faves? Check out the catalog and let me know!

And!  I have a confession to make.  When I was a kid we called peonies “snowball flowers” — and my little sister and I used to rip them off the neighbor’s bushes, tear apart the petals and throw them at each other.  Gah!  What were we thinking?  I bet it would have made a fun photo with all the petals flying through the air and two giggling girls though, hee hee.  Can’t believe we never got in trouble for it.

Happy summer,

19 thoughts on “Hero Arts’ Summer Catalog!”

  1. I just browse over the new SUMMER catalog Lisa.. and what can I say? I want them ALL!! heehee.. Congrats on your first full cover!! you really deserved it.. all of them are SUPERB!! your coloring is amazing and they screaming SUMMER to me.. my fave of the new catalog are kiss the cook, let’s chill, artist butterfly, silly scape, simple things.. all the sew artsy and stylish.. uhh and many more.. better start saving now.. heehee :) BIG hugs to you L!!

  2. Hi Lisa! The cover is gorgeous! Congrats!!!! I’m loving more the more I look at the catalog! You’ve added a couple to my list too….I think we ALL want them ALL! Watch out wallet! :)

  3. LOVE those flowers on the catalog front, Lisa!  Congratulations!  I have the stencil one coming soon, and can’t wait to play with it – my first BIG flower.    Some of my other faves……the basket with flowers cling set and the one called Good Thoughts, with the flowered background, a flower pulled from it and enlarged a bit, and a sentiment…… that you have everything you need in these sets to create a fast card!  Hero just keeps hitting home runs with each new catalog!  Something for everyone! 

  4. Woohoo..Congrats Lisa! Gorgeous Cover!!! I love those flowers! So Gorgeous!
    OhMy…I love them ALL….and I want them ALL…hehehe
    But my most favorite is “Kiss of the cook” !

  5. your cards on the cover are gorgeous! looks like they are colored with distress inks? yummy colors!! I adore so many sets in this catalog! i have no resistance to cute images and right after I saw the catalog i knew my wallet will be in trouble in the near future!!! =) i adore the smily egg in the Kiss the Cook set, too. I also really like the house images in the new release. can’t wait to get them and play!! =)

  6. Beautiful cover page Lisa!!  Always LOVE the flower stamps, so the more flowers, the better!  And ofcourse, the darling gardening set is a must have!  Can’t wait for my order to get here!!

  7. As always….wonderful cards.  I love the new releases but have to have Sew Stylish ….love the vintage feel to it and I think it is just such a classic.
    thanks for inspiring me to stamp and shop…oh yah…don’t need any inspiration to shop!!  giggle…..

  8. Hello dear friend,
    thanks so much for this lovley inspiring post…and your lovley comment on our blog…we are back now in the “game”…fine to have people who feel the same these days…its summer…so hopefully you enjoy your weekend with some great activities…so fine to know you…thanks and hugs…cheers…i…

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