Dear Lizzy Doilies

Hi and happy Friday! What has made you smile this week? I’m smiling from ear to ear as I type this since I finally had a chance to play with my Silhouette and the Dear Lizzy Doilies late last night — yay!


I’ve had this plan kicking around up in my noggin for over a month now, on a day much like today when I purchased the papers to make the doilies — the sun keeps popping in and out, making photos a little tricky.  But I’m too excited to wait for the sun to come out to show you!

I even made a little doily kit for my friend Mon at weiwabo.  I cut some doilies, put them in a vellum envelope, tied on a tag and string and ta dah!  Sure hope she likes it!  (And hope she doesn’t see this post before she gets it — told ya I was too excited to wait to post, ha ha.)

I think it’s incredible that we can live in a time when we can own a machine like the Silhouette that can cut out something so intricate as these doilies.  Isn’t technology amazing?  AND!  Want to win one?  Well then, you’ll want to click on over and enter the giveaway that Danni is having over at oh hello freind!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  I’m hoping to finally have a chance to play with the cutest little donut maker that a friend sent me.  YUM.  And stamp some donuts, too.

Hope you get a chance to do something you’ve been wanting to,

30 Replies to “Dear Lizzy Doilies”

  1. Please tell me you’re giving away a silhouette ;) LOL! Man you make it look even MORE enticing! Love your space too :)

  2. Awesome project! :) I love those doilies! I would LOVE to have a Silhouette too!

  3. I love your doilies Lisa! Your desk space is so fun!

  4. I LOVE those dollies, Lisa! SO pretty and I love your happy spot and desk, too! I SO need a Silhouette! Hugs! Happy Friday! :-D

  5. Oh I love that doily bunting, Lisa! Your office looks fab. I’m sure your friend will love the gift. I’m love my Silhouette too. I’ve downloaded some of the Dear Lizzy designs, but haven’t used them yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Fabulous doilies! You make me want to cut some out too. :)

  7. Lisa! I love, love, love the doily bunting! Can’t wait to get home and hang them up! Feel truly special to be the recipient of such awesomeness! PS: So jealous of your craft space. I spot so many lovely things in there! PSS: love how you framed that typewriter print!

  8. Such a happy, happy space!  I love your doily garland!  Great colors, too!

  9. Super cute doilies!!! I love the colors!

  10. Oh doily bunting – a BRILLIANT idea – pink/green for Easter, red/green for Christmas, orange/black for Halloween, etc, etc, etc!  Wish I had a digi-cutting machine!

  11. I love when you enable! Saw them, loved them, got them! I hope mine turn out as beautiful as yours!

  12. My desk is depressed and pouting after seeing your happy desk. Love it!

  13. LOVE those Doilies…they make me happy too!! So does your cute little fish on your desk…What is his name??  Can’t wait to see what you do with the donut machine…Love the donut cards you make!!

    1. Hi Kelly! It’s a female beta and her name is Fran The Fish. She is so cute and funny! She’s swimming around like crazy right now. :)

  14. this is fantastic.  i heard about that machine from Oh Hello Friend and seeing these examples makes me yearn for the machine even more.  great work!

  15. What a colorful and cheerful looking work space, love the hanging doilies!

    1. Ha!!  My Grand baby has a Beta and it’s name is Frankie the fish….

  16. I absolutely love this!  I cannot wait to have a space of my own again so I can play!  For now, I will live vicariously through you!  Hugs from Denmark!

  17. I’m confused, did you and Jason switch sides.   Is that the closet door?  Love,  MOM

    1. Yep, that is the closet door :)

  18. A happy desk indeed!  Love your work space!  Love all those dollies another reason to buy a Silhouette!

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