Brought to you by the letter (L)

Welcome to my stop on my friend Piper’s awesome Alphabet Walk Blog Hop!

I picked “L” for my letter — for “Lisa”, of course — and planned a lovely stroll holding hands with J while drinking ice cold lemonade. Or limeade! But life got in the way and I ended up going around my neighborhood all by my lonesome.  I was in a bit of a panic — what would I find with “L”? A ladybug? A leaf?


Turns out I didn’t have to worry!

First I spotted this pretty Leucophyllum — or Texas barometer bush, for those of you who aren’t plant nerds like me.


Then there was….


ha ha ha!  (and I picked up that cup on my way back home and recycled it — good karma all around!)

I had hoped to find some of these guys


I *like* lichens.  (Told ya, I’m a plant nerd.  Although, lichens are not really plants.  Actually, they’re not animals either. :)

There were lots of these on my walk, but only two were accompanied by clouds that had the same shape as the arc!


Next I came across this little scene.


The letterbox part is obvious, but why the “Lance”?  For Lance Armstrong — who used to ride for the US Postal cycling team. If you live in Austin, TX, you have to root for Lance when he’s riding le Tour de France. It’s the law.  Well not really.  This is his 13th Tour and it’s not a very lucky one. Allez Lance!  Viva le Tour!

Speaking of Austin, TX — how about some Texas inspired photos?


The end.  :)

Hope you liked hopping along with me! And!  You just gotta check out the rest of the blogs on the hop — there are some amazing photos. Many thanks to Piper for hosting the hop and giving me a reason to take my camera for a walk.

Oh and if you are wondering where the neat-o paper medallions came from, they were created by the mega talented Katrina of Pugly Pixel. I just love them!

Have a lucky, lyrical, lively day that’s loaded with love, laughter, and limeade (or lemonade!),

32 Replies to “Brought to you by the letter (L)”

  1. Ah ah, I was JUST wondering about those FABULOUS paper medallions! :)
    Great shots, Lisa, so fun! (I’ll do “S” tomorrow!) :)

  2. So fun, Lisa!  Love sharing the letter L with you!!  And thanks for the little tast of Austin, too – hugs!

  3. Lllllliked your *L* walk, Lllllllisa! A llllllovely glimpse at our Llllllonestar state!
    Lllllibby  :-)

  4. aw,  i thoroughly enjoyed this walk!
    even your litter picture was beautiful.
    good finds, girl!!!

  5. ha ha…love the title you used for the post!!!  lisa, this is such an awesome use of the letter L….i enjoyed going on the “walk” with you!!  such beautiful pictures and creative ideas and it all just looks gorgeous!!  love, love what you did :)  and btw…thanks for suggesting this…it’s been so fun seeing everyone’s photos!!

  6. Your photos are making me miss Austin! I, of course, love the Longhorn photos and the Lone Star State markers. But I think my favorite photo is the Leucophyllum. Great photos!

  7. You got some seriously awesome pictures, and I am in love with the way you laid them out! Very creative and cute!

  8. This post is SO CREATIVE:  the photos … the writing … the layout … everything …  :)

  9. Very well put together I really liked your post for sure!! The lichens picture rocks as well! Great job.

  10. How fun!  Love the little L tour!  You’re always so happy with your posts…love it!

  11. visiting from “K” – love your pictures! :) very creative.


  13. Cute!! My fav has to be lotsa longhorn! LOL.

  14. Love ’em, Lisa!  (I joined up under “N” after you mentioned it a few weeks back!  Fun hop!)

  15. SUCH a lovely post with beautiful pictures!!! even the Litter one is beautiful hehe!

  16. Lisa, your blog is where I head whenever I need a smile. I loved walking through your neighborhood appreciating all the Ls. I’m thinking this smile will last most of the day! thanks

  17. Great job! Thanks for the “l”ovely walk around da neighborhood… admired by letter J

  18. Really amazing pictures, enjoyed them a great deal, thanks.

  19. you’re so incredibly clever, Lisa.  these shots are great!  great use of those medallions, too. :D

  20. Great photos!! Love the medallions–Lone Star State. So creative!

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