Chicago: Renegade Handmade!

Hi everyone! I thought I’d start travel week off with someplace I wanted to go to for ages and ages: Renegade Handmade in Chicago! Have you heard of the Renegade Craft Fairs? Well, the shop is an extension of the fairs and features over 300 artists — it’s a permanent location for people to buy and sell unique handmade items year ’round.  Kind of like a fair that doesn’t move!

Oh my, how I squealed when I stepped inside!  (I think I startled everyone in the shop, ha ha!)  Here are just a few things that I had to have. (I could easily have bought the whole store, but then J probably would have squealed when he saw the credit card, ha!)


From top to bottom:

A cute Happy Woodlands pin from Custommade UK. I know I’ll be happy wearing it!  And, I happen to have that fabric already — I got it from Torendi a few months back. Maybe I should get some more…!  It’s by Shinzi Katoh, one of my all-time favorite designers.

An iron-on transfer book from Sukie — I just love their super fun style.  I can’t wait to use these iron-ons — I’m thinking of putting them on tote bags and little drawstring travel bags, and maybe even a wall hanging.  Love their blog, too.

Then there’s the Renegade Craft Fair posters — I got the one for the first ever Austin fair in the top left.  Somehow I missed it when I was at the fair. I plan to frame it and hang it next to a prairie print that I have, it will go perfectly.

And then I let out a major squeal when I saw this belt by It was handmade in Chicago out of a seatbelt!  And it’s orange and brown. And owl-icious. How could I resist?

And then. Then there was this sweet little donut by my paper crane. The funniest thing was that I’d just drooled over them as I read Handmade Nation. So of course I had to have one!

I also got J a cute card that he loved — it had a library pocket and a card that pulled out that said “I’ve been checking you out all day.” — hee hee :)

Check out the Renegade Handmade online shop for more goodies, or their blog for lotsa crafty inspiration.  You may not want to look until you are in a squeal-proof location, tho!  And! If you’re in Chicago September 11-12 you can go to a Renegade Craft Fair! Lucky you.

Back tomorrow with some sewing goodness,

14 thoughts on “Chicago: Renegade Handmade!”

    1. Oh lucky for your dad! I’ve been to Japan twice and can’t wait until I get to go again! Yay!

      Oh and I emailed ya to see if you want me to share my favorite places to go :)

  1. I had never heard of Renegade until I started blogging…and now I know I want to go to one!!  Sounds like such fun and lots of goodies to see.  What a fun trip!!  The iron-on book looks way too fun

  2. i’ve been to this store twice in the past week. i am in love with it, and every time i go there, i walk out with something.
    so sorry i haven’t gotten your swap package out to you yet :( I’m in the final stages of putting it together and HOPEFULLY i will have it out to you by next weekend :)

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